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Organ Stop Pizza offers a FREE PIZZA for Teacher Appreciation Week!

Come in to Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa between May 2 and May 6th, 2016 during regular business hours, (5 p.m. - 9 p.m.), and get a gift card for a free pizza*. Any size pizza, no limit on toppings. Value up to $20. 

Must be an employed K-12 teacher and show valid school ID. (Working at a school does not qualify).

*Free Pizzas are for dine-in only.

*Free pizza coupon may be redeemed immediately or on a future visit.

*Coupons expire 8/31/16

Did you know Organ Stop Pizza offers field trips and fundraising opportunities? Great idea this summer for your school, camp, church or organization.  

Call to learn more or go to

Organ Stop Pizza
1149 E. Southern Ave., (Southern/Stapley)
Mesa, AZ 85204


Just in time for Mother's Day, if you are pre or postnatal, this is a great full body, low-intensity workout for you! It's also a great workout in general! Barre3 mixes athleticism, grace, and the latest innovations designed to balance the body. Inspired by ballet barre, yoga, and Pilates, our instructors guide you through a specific sequence of movements that tone and lengthen all major muscle groups, rev your heart rate, and strengthen your body. Barre3 delivers a full body workout using only low-impact movements. With our team of experts, doctors, physical therapists, and anatomy specialists we developed our signature 3-step sequence to produce a strong, lean, and balanced body.

Barre3 is for everyone. We empower each individual to modify postures and develop body awareness for lasting results. Our signature approach to teaching gives clients a rewarding endorphin high and a deep muscle burn without pain in areas of the body prone to injury.

For more information visit:

15551 N Greenway-Hayden Loop
Suite 120 Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
480-939-2510 |

CROSS STREETS: Scottsdale Rd & Greenway-Hayden Loop East before 76th Street

Queen of Clean

Linda Cobb the Queen of clean teaches us how to clean tough stains and how to clean Pillows, sheets, jeans, purses, steering wheel, remotes, tracker bands, etc.

For more information visit Linda's website and Facebook page.

Brandon McDonough

Brandan McDonough is the sole surviving firefighter of the 2013 Yarnell Hill Fire. His new book, which officially publishes tomorrow (May 3rd), is called "My Lost Brothers: The Untold Story by the Yarnell Hill Fire's Lone Survivor." In the book, he offers a gripping tribute to his brothers and a call to action about firefighting safety.

McDonough was on the verge of becoming a hopeless heroin addict when, for the sake of his daughter, decided to turn his life around and enlist in Granite Mountain, an Arizona-based elite crew of wildland firefighters. He made the cut and earned the confidence of his crew, successfully battling a number of blazes. On June 30, 2013, while he served as lookout, his team confronted a freak 3,000-degree inferno in nearby Yarnell. The firestorm trapped his hotshot brothers, tragically killing all 19 of them within minutes. 

For more information visit:

Changing Hands Book Store
6428 S. McClintock Dr, Tempe, AZ 85283
May 10th  at 7pm

75 is the New 62

Sorry, Class of 2016. You will likely be at least 75 before you can retire. That's more than a decade older than today's average retirement age of 62. If new college grads want to retire earlier, they will need to make some tough financial decisions in their 20s. Local financial professional Jim Dew from Dew Wealth Management talked about what's pushing millennials to work until the ripe age of 75 and 5 things to think about now to set them up for a lifetime of success!

  • Move in with Parents
  • Don't Fear the Market
  • Stay Away from Plastic
  • Make Cash Off Hobbies
  • Find Your Number           

A retirement calculator will help you know how much money you will need in retirement. You can find one at

Dew Wealth Management
8800 East Raintree Drive Suite 115
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Mama Boxes

Customized subscription boxes are all the rage, and now there's one just for expecting moms  say HELLO to Mama Boxes. What pregnant woman wouldn't want a goody box delivered right to her door? It's the perfect treat for any stage of pregnancy! What are Mama Boxes? Mama Boxes are care packages, similar to a subscription box service sent out at each trimester to pregnant women and delivered to their doorstep. The lucky lady who is receiving a Mama Box will be delivered 10-15 sample or full-size products that are specific to the trimester she is currently experiencing. Our customers have the option to purchase all 3 trimester boxes in a bundle or each trimester individually. All products are pregnancy safe and we strive to include healthy, organic, and/or green items as often as possible. We are getting ready to launch a big NEW PRODUCTS campaign at Mother's Day and would love to include your brand in that.

For example:

  • 1st trimester box may include: ginger cookies, morning sickness prevention candies, healthy snacks, peppermints, herbal tea, prenatal vitamins, and skincare samples.
  • 2nd trimester box may include: stretch mark creams, beauty products, cosmetics, body scrub, sunscreen, personal lubricant, and lip balm.
  • 3rd Trimester box may include: baby products, snacks, stationary, head bands, eye creams, safe home cleaning products, and personal hygiene items to take to the hospital.

The products in the boxes are always a surprise and constantly changing based on the partners we are working with at the time. We partner with large national companies and small businesses that produce fantastic products.

Please visit us at to see this new concept taking the nation by storm and we are happy to provide any additional information you may need. Please contact us at or 602-326-1317. 

Cooking Oils 101

1:  Baking:  When to use butter and when to use vegetable, canola or other flavorless oil.  I'll make an Italian Olive Oil Cake for this one.

Oils Used:


Vegetable Oil

Extra Light, flavorless Olive Oil

2:  Infusing Oils:  More expensive, finishing or drizzling oils with MORE flavor.  I'll make a jalapeño infused avocado oil and the citrus infused coconut oil from the article.

Oils Used:

Avocado Oil

Coconut Oil

3: Frying:  I'll talk about using flavorless oils with a high smoke point for this, I'll make some New Orleans Beignets with the "Bulletproof Coffee" from the article for this!

Oils Used:

Vegetable Oil

Canola Oil

Peanut Oil

4: Bonus: I may have to talk about BACON DRIPPINGS and when to use them, just for SCOTT!  Of course, jokes and shenanigans will be available at no additional

For more information visit:


SEE SALT is a mother/daughter team that exists to inspire families to cook delicious and simple foods. SEE SALT believes that there is always something beautiful and delicious to create. Through video recipes, their goal is to create actionable, realistic, affordable, and beautiful recipes that inspire you to create experiences with food no matter what the occasion … especially when there is no occasion at all. To compliment the great food you prepare, they also sell a fleur de sel salt, imported from France. French sun and sea are captured in each delicate crystal of salt, which will melt on your tongue and enhance the flavors of your kitchen. Gathered by hand off the coast of the tiny Île de Ré, this premium salt can only be collected during three months of the year, when the sun is at its strongest. To maintain its natural integrity, SEE SALT's fleur de sel has never been washed or treated, leaving the "flowers of salt" in their purest form.

For more information visit:

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