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Jessica Helgeson and Terri Mapel, the mom-and-daughter team behind the company SEE Salt, share some recipes for brunch in bed for mom.

Grand Marnier Broiled Grapefruit

This broiled grapefruit recipe will blow your socks off! Ruby red grapefruit crusted with caramelized brown sugar and drizzled Grand Marnier liqueur. Simply dripping with goodness! 

Serves 4

2 Ruby Red Grapefruits
Brown Sugar
Grand Marnier

1. Set oven to high broil.

2. Cut grapefruits (preferably room temperature) in half. Then with a paring knife cut around the edge of the fruit. Continue by segmenting the inside of the grapefruit to make grooves in which your ingredients will soak into.

3. Place grapefruit halves cut side up into a baking dish.

4. Add about 1 teaspoon of Grand Marnier to each grapefruit.

5. Place 2 pads of butter on each half.

6. Sprinkle each half with brown sugar.

7. Place under broiler for about 7 minutes or until bubbly and golden.

8. Serve in a bowl with a garnish of mint.

Savor every drop!

Stacked Granola

Numbers correlate to layers of the stack starting from the bottom up.

(1) Granola
(2) Honeydew finely diced
(3) Second layer granola
(4) Cantaloupe finely diced
(5) Greek Yogurt
(6) Honey
(7) Vanilla bean
Forming ring or tin can with ends removed and well washed


1. Place granola, finely diced honeydew and finely diced cantaloupe in separate bowls. Drain your diced melon if there is excess juice.

2. Add a small amount of honey to each of your bowls of ingredients and stir. This acts as your binder.

3. Start adding your first layer of granola. Be sure to firmly press down each layer with a tamper or something flat. Continue with each layer working your way up to the top. Carefully slide the ring off while pressing slightly on the top the ingredients with tamper to secure. This should come off easily.

4. Finish with your yogurt and scent with a vanilla bean for extra specialness.

5. Serve to someone you love and appreciate. (which can totally be yourself! )

This breakfast recipe is so special to my heart because it was served to me in bed by my Sweet Caroline and her Daddy on Mother's Day. I wanted to share it with you all for your special day. I know we all work so hard and are consistently trying to be the best mommy, wife or just best self possible. Whether you are a Mother or not, my hope is that you take this day to treat yourself or to show someone how much you appreciate their love and support.

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