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Update: Unlicensed painter just didn't pay it back

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Jerry Crocker promised to refund money on a job he skipped out on but never did. (Source: KTVK) Jerry Crocker promised to refund money on a job he skipped out on but never did. (Source: KTVK)
The Gehrkes were hoping to get a refund but haven't heard from Crocker (Source: KTVK) The Gehrkes were hoping to get a refund but haven't heard from Crocker (Source: KTVK)

An unlicensed painter is accused of taking money up front and then skipping out on the job he was hired to do. But he promised a refund.

So Gary Harper followed up to see if he would, in fact, return some money. 

The painter's name is Jerry Crocker, and he owns an unlicensed painting company called "Just Jerry."

When Harper first visited Crocker, he didn't want to be on camera.

"I've done almost 200 houses in this Valley over the years," Crocker said.

But some consumers say their homes are missing from that number he gave.

For example, in a previous 3 On Your Side report, Terri and Bob Gehrke say they paid Jerry Crocker a $950 down payment to start painting their Phoenix area home but Just Jerry, "just vanished" and never painted anything.

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So 3 On Your Side confronted “Just Jerry” recently in hopes of getting just answers.

"When will the Gehrkes' house be finished or when will you return their money?" Harper asked.

"I'll return their money in two weeks," Crocker replied.

3 On Your Side gave Crocker those two weeks to come up with the money but time for Just Jerry just expired.

In a previous 3 On Your Side report, we told you how a legitimate licensed painting company right here in the Valley saw how the Gehrkes were scammed out of $950 and that legitimate company stepped up and wound up painting the Gehrkes' home for free.

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3 On Your Side appreciated that, but that doesn't mean Just Jerry is off the hook.

So did Just Jerry live up to his word? Harper talked to the Gehrkes to find out.

“Nothing, I have not heard from him," Terri Gehrke said.

“He has not contacted you?” Harper asked.

“No, he has not contacted me," Gehrke said.

In the meantime, 3 On Your Side has heard from other consumers saying they too gave Just Jerry money, and he disappeared.

One consumer says Crocker refunded her $500 painting deposit by giving her two checks, but she says the checks from Just Jerry just bounced.

And there's more: Just Jerry was just sued. 

Sherwin-Williams, the well-known paint retailer, took Just Jerry to court for skipping out on painting bills. After attorney's fees, court costs, and other items, Crocker was ordered to pay the paint store more than $3,000.

The Gehrkes say they're not surprised.

"If you had something to say to Jerry Crocker what would you tell him right now?” Harper asked.

“Actually, anything I would say to him would not be very nice. I just can't understand how somebody can do this. I can’t understand how somebody has worked for their money can be lied to like Jerry did with us and I know we're not the only ones,” Gehrke said.

The Gehrkes said they have filed a complaint with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, along with other consumers.

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