Former FLDS member: 'I felt betrayed'

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"I felt betrayed," Virginia Black told me recently as she gazed from the front porch of her Hildale, UT home.  

Black is among the growing number of people in Hildale and neighboring Colorado City who have either left the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or been kicked out by imprisoned prophet Warren Jeffs.

"It feels like more and more people are starting to question things, starting to just wake up," the soft-spoken woman said.

And with that awakening, big changes are taking place along the Arizona/Utah border.  

A brand new public high school in Hildale is now up and running and offering new hope to a community where Jeffs banished public education more than a decade ago.

"I feel like we put too much trust in another person than thinking on our own," Black said.

But change for Black has come at a great price. Like many people now on the "outside," she is now separated from all the members of her family who still faithfully follow Jeffs.

"It’s hard," she said. "We have lots of friends and family in there we can’t even talk to."

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