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Washington Elementary District Teacher Job Fair

The Washington Elementary School District (WESD) will host a Teacher Job and Interview Fair on Wednesday, April 27, 2016 to hire teachers for the 2016-2017 school year. The fair will be held from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Desert Foothills Junior High School, 3333 West Banff Lane, Phoenix 85053. 

Interviews will be conducted for those interested in teaching: kindergarten, elementary education, special education, language arts, mathematics and science. 

For more information, contact the WESD Recruitment Office at 602-347-2622 or e-mail

Dining Out for Life is an international fundraiser for the fight against HIV and AIDS

It is a one-day event in which restaurants like The Market Restaurant + Bar by Jennifer's donates a percentage of their proceeds to fight HIV/AIDS. Here in Arizona the proceeds will help Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS in Phoenix.

Financial support for the many health, education and wellness programs that serve those living with or affected by HIV/AIDS.
Save your appetite as we gear up for 2015 Dining Out for Life on April 28, 2016.

Recipe: Kale Salad

1 cup Tuscan kale shaved
½ cup cooked white quinoa
¼ cup roasted butternut squash
1/8 cup dried cranberries
1/8 cup toasted sliced almonds
¼ cup Crow's Dairy goat cheese
Salt and pepper to taste.
Combine all ingredients.

Brown Butter Vinaigrette
1/4 cup brown butter
1/8 cup orange juice
1/9 cup white wine vinegar
Squeeze of lemon
1/8 cup honey
Salt & pepper

Combine all ingredients in salad.  Top the salad with goat cheese.

From 11AM - 5PM, 100% of lunch purchases at The Market Restaurant + Bar by Jennifer's will go to Dining Out for Life on Thursday, April 28, 2016. (Food only.)

The Market Restaurant + Bar by Jennifer's 
3603 E. Indian School Rd., Ste. A

Local Love: CO+HOOTS

CO+HOOTS, central Phoenix's first and largest coworking community and entrepreneurial collaboration hub, opens new shared office location in midtown Phoenix. CO+HOOTS is a small business that helps small businesses and has over 200 members  startup companies, small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers  who work in the building. The new location is 14,000 square feet, 3 times the size of the previous location and enables.

For more information visit:

Address: 221 E. Indianola Ave. 
Phoenix 85012
Phone: 602-688-2825

Easy Homemade Dog Treats

1 cup Quick Oats
1/3 cup Sweet potato puree (or sub pumpkin puree-NOT pie filling)
3 TBSP Natural Smooth Peanut Butter
1 TBSP Organic Honey

Mix wet ingredients together.  Add to oats.  Stir to combine.  Roll into treat size balls.  Store in refrigerator.  Can be stored in freezer, and taken out as needed and stored in the fridge.  

Puff & Fluff Grooming and Pet Sitting
4730 E. Indian School Rd., Ste. 213
Phoenix, AZ 85018

Facebook:  Puff & Fluff
Twitter @PuffandFluffSpa
Instagram:  Puff and Fluff Spa

Shane's Rib Shack

As a thank you to its loyal fan base and the communities in which the restaurant serves, Shane's Rib Shack will host its seventh annual Rib Giveaway on Saturday, April 30. The first 100 guests at participating locations will receive a free half rack of slow-cooked baby back ribs, a 20-ounce beverage and special edition Rib Giveaway t-shirt to kick off summer BBQ season.

They also give Shane's Tips on BBQ:

  • Cooking is about making memories. Always have fun with it! 
  • You always want to cook slowly. Never cook in a hurry and use a temperature gauge to maintain low heat.
  • Cook by temperature, not by sight.
  • Know the difference between grilling and smoking. You CAN make great BBQ on a gas grill. Make sure to preheat the grill. 
  • Get a temperature probe. For a pork butt, we cook it for 10 hours at 225 degrees. Monitor the temperature of your smoker.  If you were to cook it at 245 degrees for 10 to 12 hours, then you will see a drastic change in the product. Barbecue is a slower cook.
  • Add moisture. If you are using a gas grill, it's best to use a pan of water on one side of the grill for steam. Injecting the meat is another possibility.
  • Always use fresh meat, if possible... If you're using frozen ribs, then you will need to thaw them out. When you're thawing the ribs, be sure to thaw them slowly, so the flavor of the ribs remains with the product. Fresh meat is best because it has better flavor consistency and it's easier to handle.
  • Don't be scared to be creative, make your own dry rubs. That's really what I love about barbecuing; you can experiment and let your own personality come out.
  • Use real wood lump charcoal. The key is to use a fire starter instead of lighter fluid for flavor transfer. The real wood lump charcoal will last longer than regular charcoal briquettes and it will produce an enhanced flavor. Flavor is key!
  • Don't put sauce on your ribs too early.  Anytime you're using sauce, be sure to apply it after the meat is fully cooked. It is best to increase the heat, so the sauce will caramelize as you apply it to your meat. 
  • Soak wood chips in water for a minimum of 30 minutes before using them in a smoker or on a grill. It will allow the chips to smolder instead of burning rapidly, which will prevent an enhanced smoked flavor.

Types of wood for smoking:

  •     Hickory: most popular mild Best if bark is removed.
  •     Mesquite:  Great for Beef can be overpowering
  •     Apple:  Great with Poultry   Sweet & Fruity
  •     Pecan:  Fruity Flavor Burn at a very low temperature

Avoid using meat tenderizer.  The best way to tenderize your meat is to use a fresh product, lower temp and slow cook time.  The use of chemicals and/or tenderizers will change the texture and flavor of your meat. 

For more information visit:

Glendale, AZ
9404 West Westgate Blvd, Suite C-101
Glendale, AZ 85305
Phone: (623) 877-7427

Phoenix, AZ
2501 West Happy Valley Road Suite 50-128
Phoenix, AZ 85085
Phone: (623) 581-3704

Chalk Art Festival Sidewalks in Glendale, Tempe and Phoenix Will Transform During Free Annual Art Event

On April 30, the sidewalks of Westgate Entertainment District, Desert Ridge Marketplace and Tempe Marketplace will be transformed into spectacular outdoor galleries as crowds gather to watch the incredible chalk artwork unfold before their eyes at the third annual Spring Chalk Art Festival.

During the free event from 11am until 6pm, a group of professional, local artists will cover the sidewalks with murals, each creating an eight-by-six-foot piece based on themes from desert landscapes and cultural inspirations to natural history and realistic animal portraits.

The professional murals along with a KidsZone, where children of all ages as well as the community are invited to create their own original pieces, will be located throughout the properties.

Presented by Vestar and the Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance (SAACA), all three events are expected to draw hundreds of attendees. Murals will be on display from Saturday, April 30 to Monday, May 2, weather permitting.

Westgate Entertainment District (6751 N. Sunset Blvd., Glendale)
Featured Artists: Tracy Hill, Alexandra Jimenez, Annmarie Perry, Marisa Salazar, Carolyn Watson-Dubisch, Jenna Tomasello, Lori Antoinette Willingham and Ryan Akhbari.

Desert Ridge Marketplace (21001 N. Tatum Blvd., Phoenix)
Featured Artists: Jose Garcia, Linda Harrison-Parsons, Anthony Farias, Judith Gary, Quintanilla Martin, Drake Fillsbury, Brianna Orrill and Andrew Farias.

Tempe Marketplace (2000 E. Rio Salado Pkwy., Tempe)
Featured Artists: Matt Cotton, Addison Graham, Gina Ribaudo, Victor Navarro, Wesley Creigh, Lea and Ian Rankin.

For more information, visit The Spring Chalk Art Festival is currently recruiting volunteers who are enthusiastic to get involved and participate in this great community event. Interested individuals can visit

Cooking Up a Change

Cooking up Change is a culinary competition founded by Healthy Schools Campaign that challenges student chefs to create healthy and delicious school meals that their peers will enjoy, while meeting strict nutritional standards and a tight budget, about $1 per meal.
The winning team's dishes will be served at Deer Valley Unified high schools and the students will also win an all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. to compete at the national competition.  

Some of these students have never traveled outside of their city, so for some students, this is an opportunity of a lifetime to travel, meet congressional leaders and visit the sites around Washington.
For more info, visit 

Recipe Name:  Philly Cheesesteak     Yield: 1 each

Ingredients and directions:    

Onions, Yellow     1/8 cup 
1.    Julienne the onion and pepper, and strain the mushrooms. 
2.    Heat a pan to medium high heat and sauté the vegetables (Peppers, Onions, and mushrooms) until the onions are no longer tough. 
3.    Once you've sweat down the onions and peppers add the meat, Cajun seasoning, and warm.
4.    Once heated thoroughly mix the Worcestershire with the Tbsp. of water and add to the meat and veggies. Place a lid over the pan for about 10seconds. 
5.    Cut the cheese in half diagonally
6.    Remove lid and place half the meat in the bun then layer one of the halves of cheese then put the rest of the meat inside and top with the last piece of cheese.
PEPPERS, Sweet, Green (fresh)    1/8 cup        
Mushrooms (canned)    1/8 cup    5        
BEEF, Meat, Ground, Crumbles w/ Soy, Cooked    1.73oz    
Seasoning, Cajun    1 tsp        
Sauce, Worcestershire    1 tsp     
Water                            1 Tbsp.    
BUN, Hot Dog (fresh)    1 bun        
Cheese, Swiss                  1 slice                                     

Recipe Name: Chili Fries    Yield: 1 cup

Ingredients and Directions

Potato, baking (fresh)     2 potatoes    
1.    Cut the potatoes into ½ inch rods. 
2.    Mix all the other ingredients in a bowl. 
3.    Place potatoes in the bowl and coat all the rods and place on a baking sheet.
4.    Bake at 350 degrees F for 15 mins and then shuffle them around and bake for another 15-20 mins
5.    Plate 
Oil, Salad      1/2 Tbsp.    
Paprika                  3/4 tsp.    
Garlic, granulated ½ tsp.    
Chili Powder        ½ tsp.        
Onion Powder      ½ tsp.    
Sauce, Worcestershire    1 tsp.                                 
Recipe Name: Simply Cinful Apples   Yield: ½ cup

Ingredients and Directions

Juice, Apple 100% 4oz cup    1 container    
1.    Place the apple juice and cinnamon in a pot on med-high heat, bring to a boil, reduce for about 15 minutes, or wait until it forms a syrupy consistency, take off the heat. (Make sure it doesn't cool solid)
2.    Lay the apples on a baking pan and pour most of the syrup over the top making sure they're all coated. Bake for 15mins or until soft.
3.    Once soft pull them out and transfer to the plate or a heating pan. 
4.    Once plated drizzle a tbsp. of the syrup onto the apples
Cinnamon, ground    1 tsp        
Apples, sliced (fresh)    1/2 cup                            
Top Five Things to Know about Parkinson’s disease:

-Parkinson's disease can strike at almost any age. It becomes more common after age 50, and impacts nearly 2% of Medicare patients.

-Earlier treatment with medication and lifestyle changes can ensure a better quality of life.

-Patients and families need to be proactive to prevent hospital errors, including missed or late medication doses, or use of inappropriate antipsychotics and nausea drugs.  Go to for more information.

-Parkinson's is not just a movement disorder.  It can cause a range of non-motor problems including sleep disorders, fatigue, cognitive problems, constipation, poor sense of smell, and low blood pressure with standing.

-Parkinson's is not simple to diagnose.  There are number of conditions that can be mistaken for Parkinson's disease.  A movement disorder specialist will have the training and experience necessary to provide a more accurate and comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment. 

For more information about movement disorders care and research, go to:

To schedule an appointment at the Cleo Roberts Alzheimer's and Movement Disorder Clinic, please call (623) 832-6530.

Top Golf 

Topgolf opened registration for their Summer Academy at both of their Valley locations to help kids and teens from six to 16 fall in love with golf. Summer Academy has 12 positions available for each age group per week so space is limited! Topgolf is also offering 20 percent off the $199 registration fee for early birds who sign up before May 31. 

For more information, visit  

Children and teens aged 6-12 and 13-16. 
Topgolf Summer Academy half-day golf clinic 

Scottsdale Location  
Begins the week of May 30th to the week of July 29. 
9 a.m. - 12 p.m. 
Topgolf Scottsdale; 9500 Talking Stick Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85256 

Gilbert Location 
Begins the week of June 6th to the week of July 25 
9 a.m. - 12 p.m. 
Topgolf Gilbert; 1689 Santan Fwy, Gilbert, AZ 85295 

Cost:     $199 per week; 20% discount if you register before May 31 
--Free Lifetime Membership Card                              
--Certificate of completion 
--Lunch provided daily                                                  
--Free Gift Bag of Topgolf Gear