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Alert: New Facebook hoax surfaces

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There's a new twist on the Facebook lottery hoax (Source: KTVK) There's a new twist on the Facebook lottery hoax (Source: KTVK)
Crissi Egan was nearly a victim of a Facebook lottery hoax (Source: KTVK) Crissi Egan was nearly a victim of a Facebook lottery hoax (Source: KTVK)

Crissi Egan says she can't seem to stay off Facebook.

"I probably check it like 10 times a day," Egan said.

And so do more than 1 billion others across the globe.

"I just keep in contact with my friends and family, and I have family in Hong Kong and Rio, so it's a good way, and it's free," Egan said.

But recently while on Facebook, the Phoenix woman accepted a friend request from someone claiming to be a Facebook employee who asked if Egan had heard of something called the Facebook 2016 Organizational Promotion.

"I said no I wasn't aware of it, and she apologized for not contacting me sooner, and the CEO Mark Zuckerberg asked her to contact me that I won like $500,000 through Facebook," Egan said.

Egan says she sure could use the money and when she heard Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg was behind the promotion, Egan says it got her attention.

But just how could the Valley woman get picked out of millions of other Facebook users around the world?  Well, they had an answer for that.

"I want you to know that online Facebook draws were conducted by random selection of emails, you were picked by an advanced automated random computer search from the Facebook organization," Egan said as she read the message.

Images of other so-called winners were also sent to Egan.

In fact, her own name appeared prominently on a list of those winners. But it's just a new twist on an old scam.

When that Facebook friend requested personal information and said, "God is with you," that's when Egan drew the line. 

"I think that's low; I think that's really low," Egan said.

In previous 3 On Your Side reports, consumers have voiced frustration with similar fake Facebook lottery schemes and have even been duped out of money.

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But according to Facebook, this is basically the same of scheme camouflaged with a new name: the Facebook 2016 Organizational Promotion. There's no such thing, and Facebook is trying to tell users not to fall for it.

"The people behind these scams may try to get you to provide account login information, personal information or a copy of a government issued ID. They may also ask you to send an advance fee to claim your prize money," Facebook said in a statement.

 Luckily, Egan didn't fall for it and hopes others don't either. 

"Yeah, I’m just glad I didn't get scammed and that you guys are getting ready to tell it because other people will fall for it," Egan said.

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