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College student says she bought a "clunker"

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Taijah Lee says she was sold a clunker of a car (Source: KTVK) Taijah Lee says she was sold a clunker of a car (Source: KTVK)
Fearless Motorsports sold a car to a teen that claims was a "clunker" (Source: KTVK) Fearless Motorsports sold a car to a teen that claims was a "clunker" (Source: KTVK)

A college student says she was pretty excited to be finally getting a used car. 

But she says the car and the place she bought it from, have been nothing but a headache.

Well, she has two major problems going on.  First, her car broke down after having it for just two hours and even though she paid for the car, she doesn't have the title.  So, what's the guy who sold her the car have to say?

His name is Kevin Kendall, and 3 On Your Side is very familiar with him from a previous confrontation and report we aired back in 2014.

In that report, a consumer complained that Kendall and his business Fearless Motorsports sold her a car with an odometer that had been tampered with.

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Well, Kevin Kendall and the company he runs, Fearless Motorsports and Fearless MS Holdings are back on our radar again due to an unresolved issue with a college student named Taijah Lee.

"I'm 19 years old.  I just turned 19 and I go to Grand Canyon University.  I'm a music education major," Lee said.

This college student sure can belt out a tune, but she says she was left singing the blues recently when she purchased a 2005 Chevy Cavalier. A car she bought from Kendall’s business, Fearless Motorsports.  

“I wanted a car. And I take the city bus to Grand Canyon every day. It took a really long time to save up that,” Lee said. 

$1,700 is what Lee saved up and what she handed over in cash to Fearless Motorsports. She was not only excited to finally have a car to drive, but the price included an extended warranty just in case it broke down.

“He gave us a written warranty that if anything happened with the transmission or the engine in the first 90 days, that we could bring it back, that they would take care of it, no cost to us,” Lee said. 

Good thing she had that warranty too, because two hours after driving away from Fearless Motorsports, she says the car did break down.

“By the time we were home, the car was like crazy knocking, it was like super, super loud,” Lee said. 

To complicate matters, Lee says Kendall never gave her a title to the Cavalier after she bought it.  So registering it, she says is impossible.  With no drivable car and no title showing she owns it, Taijah turned to 3 On Your Side.

“Technically I have no money and no car ‘cause it's not mine because I don't have the title,” Lee said. 

3 On Your Side got involved and we got a hold of Kendall, who told us his warranty on Lee's Chevy Cavalier wasn't valid because he accused her of abusing the vehicle, and his warranty doesn't cover abuse. 

He also claimed he gave Lee the title but tells 3 On Your Side that she must have lost it.

Regardless, after our involvement, Kendall and Fearless Motorsports agreed to return $1,700 back to Lee so she can buy a car from somewhere else.

Lee says she couldn't have done it without 3 On Your Side.

3 On Your Side appreciates Fearless Motorsports helping out in this situation and taking that car back. As for Lee, she says she's going to take her time looking for another car. In the meantime, she'll continue riding the bus.

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