Fight hard water, protect your pipes with new filitration systems

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Here's what's new in water filtration and water conditioning.

Scale Blaster Water Conditioner:

-No Salt, No Chemicals, No Maintenance for 20 years.

-Scale Blaster sends an electronic signal through your water pipes which removes all scale and calcium from water and pipes, even built up deposits that have been there for years!

-Install Scale Blaster on Copper Pipe in between in coming water valve and before hot water heater by wrapping wire around pipe tightly according to manufacturers instructions. Attach wires to Scale Blaster Device, mount device, Plug in and that's it!

New Kube Water Filtration System by Kinetico:

-Kube System Filters lasts much longer than average Reverse Osmosis System.

-Easy to Install, just in hook cold water supply line, attach new hose coming out of Kube, attach second hose coming out of Kube to incoming shut off valve, enjoy!

-Automatic sensor indicates when filters need to be changed.

Perfect Pour:

-Turn any Container into a Dispenser, especially a 5 Gallon Water Jug

Luxury Water Dispenser:

-Compact Table top water dispenser with refrigeration and filter.

Zero Water Filtration Pitcher:

-Filters water like a Brita Pitcher with Zero waste.

Sprite Shower Head:

-Shower Head with built in water filter.

-Never shower in hard water again!

Pur Water Filter Attachment for your Kitchen Faucet!

-Get Filtered Water from your Faucet without a big system to install.

Or call 1-800-Home Depot for a free estimate on a full home water filtration system.

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