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Mesa man battling bundle billing blunder

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Robert Marcella was chock-full of services he did not order. (Source: 3TV) Robert Marcella was chock-full of services he did not order. (Source: 3TV)

Robert Marcella recently moved to Arizona and says he loves being outdoors.

“We came out to Arizona to escape the Connecticut weather," he said. "We also have some family here in Arizona, so that was another added bonus.”

After finding a home to settle into, Marcella had to get some essentials set up, like TV and internet service. He contracted DISH to be his satellite provider and chose CenturyLink for his internet.

"The introductory rate for, I think it was 12 months, was gonna be in the $39 range, $40," he said.

Everything seemed to be just right -- until Marcella got his bill. 

"I started scrolling through the bill online and they had added DIRECTV," he said. "I had the Sunday package. I had whatever promotions, HBO all this stuff that I had never asked for."

His bill was chock-full of stuff -- stuff he never ordered or wanted.

Having selected DISH as his satellite provider, Marcella wondered why DIRECTV was billing him.

He immediately contacted CenturyLink to try and sort it out.

"The first customer service representative asked me to contact DIRECTV directly to get them to remove their bill from the CenturyLink bill," he said. "I said, 'I’m sorry, they're not my provider.'"

Marcella said he was eventually told that the situation would be taken care of. But the next month he got another bill with the same random charges totaling more than $100.

Unable to get it resolved on his own, Marcella contacted 3 On Your Side.

"It shouldn't be this difficult," he said. "This is an easy situation. This should be an easy fix, a one-time fix."

3 On Your Side contacted CenturyLink. The company looked into the matter and then later apologized saying there was, in fact, a billing error. CenturyLink resolved it so Marcella won't be bothered with that crazy bill anymore.

"What I'd like to have them do is take care of it, get it off my bill, look at why it happened and improve on it," Marcella said. "Don't let it happen again to myself or somebody else."

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