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Resume tips making sure your Resume will make it to the top of the stack

It may come as a surprise, but there is no single formula for writing the perfect resume. Imagine a world where everyone submits identical resumes, except for one person whose resume is unique. Who do you think will get the call for the interview and perhaps even the job?

Experts from VincentBenjamin recruiting and staffing have a look at some great tips for making your resume stand out. Here are the tips:

Incorporate your accomplishments. There are certain skills that all professionals bring to the table. Your job is to ensure that you demonstrate what makes you different from the other resumes that have been received. Rather than simply listing your skills, show exactly how they have served you, your career, and your employers in the past.

Set and communicate clear goals. Many experts suggest that you customize each resume for each job application. But what if, instead, you customized your search for the job you really want. Create the resume that really showcases who you are as a professional and only go after the jobs that will further your career goals.

Include keywords. A resume will often be read by a computer before it is read by a person. To get past the first gate, you need to include the common words and phrases the computer program has been designed to target. Clues to these words are often in the job descriptions themselves. Add them to your resume in a natural way.

Summarize your experience. Of course with all your accomplishments and all of your keywords, it is important to also include the experience that you have accumulated. Rather than creating a list for each job, develop a summary that will quickly communicate what you know how to do. This can also be an easy way to incorporate those accomplishments and keywords without sounding forced.

Some of those keywords for specific jobs may include:
For IT professionals it could be C++, .net, etc. 
For corporate tax professionals it could be APB 23 or ASC 740.
For corporate accounting professionals it could be SOX, month-end close, etc. 
For Managers it could be phrases such as: "Developed and lead a team of 10 professionals." 
Typically you will get those from the first few bullet-points of the job description.

For more information visit: www.vincentbenjamin.com

2415 E. Camelback Rd., Ste. 1000
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Tiffany Lee Gaston 

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Mosquito Repellant

Here's a taste of some of the visual tools he plans on bringing to show, but he's also well versed on informing viewers of what they can do to protect themselves and their homes. A main focus can be to share practical, specific tips of what to check for around their yards to keep mosquitos away.

Mosquito dunks - totally natural product.
Mosquito bits - natural, can be sprinkled on potted plants to kill mosquitos instantly.
A Purge Three - Can be used indoors to instantly clear mosquitos, safe for children and pets.
Dynatrap - Electronic technology that works year round.

Jim LaBrie, Bug & Weed Mart 
5 Valley locations
(480) 820-5034

Lou Malnati’s Hiring

Lou Malnati's Pizzeria is hosting a series of job fairs starting this week. They are looking to hire more than 170 employees. The Lou Malnati's Job Fairs are taking place at the BMO Harris Bank Building starting today.
Lou Malnati's Pizzeria is opening its first out of Chicago location in Phoenix next month

Lou Malnati's Job Fair Location
BMO Harris Bank Building
One East Camelback Road, 5th floor
Phoenix, Arizona 85012

Dates and Times
    Tuesday, April 12th   9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 
    Wednesday, April 13th   2 p.m. to 8 p.m. 
    Saturday, April 16th   9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 
    Tuesday, April 19th   9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 
(800) 298-6150

It is recommended that applicants bring their updated resumes, detailing their most recent work histories, current contact information and proof of U.S. work eligibility.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza 101:
#1The dough is spread out in the pan and brought up around the edges of the pan, to create a base for 
all the other ingredients.  

#2 Next we layer on slices of mozzarella cheese opposed to shredded cheese, which has come from the same small dairy in Wisconsin for over 45 years.
#3 Next we layer on your favorite toppings, and in Chicago sausage is the most popular.

#4 Then it is topped with California vine-ripened roma tomatoes, which a team from Malnati's goes out every year to select and have canned exclusively for our use.

#5 Lastly we sprinkle it will some cheese and seasonings before putting it in the oven.  It is a hearty pizza so it takes about 30-35 minutes to bake.

Grilled Cheese Day

It's National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day! Although it only requires three ingredients (bread, cheese, and butter), grilled cheese is one of the most popular comfort foods in the world. And who better to celebrate with, than with Chris Walker and The Grilled Cheese Truck. They will be handing out 2 types of free grilled cheese sandwiches at 2 location today, at the University of Phoenix Campus and at an apartment complex in Gilbert. It's all in an effort to celebrate this holiday along with getting feedback on two new cheeses they are trying to promote. 

Fun Factoids on Grilled Cheese Day:

86 percent of U.S. adults eat at least one grilled cheese sandwich per year.
Research from NDP Group Inc. found that Americans eat 2.2 billion grilled cheese sandwiches per year. The most popular additions to a grilled cheese sandwich are bacon, ham and tomato.
The Ancient Romans were the first civilization to make a cooked bread and cheese type sandwich. Many cultures since have invented their own take on the dish. In Switzerland it is customary to toast the bread and melt the cheese separately before combining them, while in France the Croque Monsieur (grilled ham and cheese sandwich) is popular.
When affordable sliced bread and inexpensive cheese became available in the U.S. in the 1920's, the grilled cheese became a household staple. At the time it was prepared a little differently, open-faced and topped with shredded American cheese.
In the 1960's, the grilled cheese as we know it emerged when the second slice of bread became a standard part of the sandwich.
The actual term "grilled cheese" didn't make an appearance in print until the 1960's. Before then it was called a "melted cheese" or "toasted cheese" sandwich.

For more information visit: http://thegrilledcheesetruck.com/contact-us/