Saturday, April 9

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39th Annual Spring Tempe Festival of the Arts
April 8-10 in Downtown Tempe

March of Dimes, March for Babies
Saturday, April 9, 2016
Time: 8:00AM
Registration Time: 7:00AM 
Wesley Bolin Plaza
1700 W. Washington St.
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Phoenix Bonsai Society 
Free Bonsai Show
April 9th and 10th
9 a.m. to 5 p.m..
Valley Garden Center 
1809 N. 15th Ave, Phoenix

Chris Akard Fitness  
The Akard Fitness Group LLC
3014 N Hayden Rd Suite 102
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
(480) 941-0211

Tips For Toning Under Arms:
1.    Single Arm Dumbbell Triceps Extension (long head tricep)
    Take a medium to light weight dumbbell. Keep your knees bent and abdominals tight.         
Stand tall and extend the single arm directly overhead. Extend one arm overhead and         
bend the elbow allowing the dumbbell to move carefully behind your head. Be very         
careful not to allow the dumbbell to hit you in the head!
    (1-3 sets; 2-3 times per week for 12-18 reps)

2.    Simple Chair Dips (middle head tricep)
    Simply sit on a chair and place your hands on the edge of the "seat" of the chair. Slide 
    off the chair allowing your body weight to move expressly on only your hands and heels.         
            Keep your body close to your chair or bend. Slowly bend your arms to about 90 degrees.     
            Careful not to go lower as this could injure your shoulder. Use caution if you have an         
            existing shoulder condition.
    (1-3 sets; 2-3 times per week for 8-20 reps) Build up!

3.    Reverse Cable Extensions (small or outer head tricep)
    Use a weight stack cable tricep extension from your local gym. Take a reverse grip on
     the handle to isolate the outer head of the tricep. Keep knees bent and abdominals tight 
    as you lean forward about 45 to 55 degrees from vertical. Here you can see, you need to     
            get quite a bit forward. As you extend your arms down, they should finish at a 
    perpendicular position. Slowly resist back to the starting position. 
    (1-3 sets; 2-3 times per week for 12-18 reps)

Breaking Games
125 Main St.
Netcong, New Jersey 07857
(973) 448-1766

Dave Owens, The Garden Guy
Contact Dave at, or visit 

Scottsdale Culinary Festival
Saturday, April 16th, 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Sunday, April 17th,  12 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Scottsdale Civic Center Mall
7380 E. Second St. 
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
$10 General Admission, kids 12 and under are free
$40 Southwest Festival of Beers: includes GA to the Scottsdale Culinary Festival + a souvenir tasting mug and 20 beer samples
$140 Saturday VIP Admission
$115 Sunday VIP Admission
VIP admission includes exclusive demo seating, and unlimited food & beverage tastings inside the VIP tent, while supplies last

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