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Silver Apple recipient to donate kidney to student's aunt

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Venessa Solis was awarded 3TV's Silver Apple Award not only for excellence in education, but also because she has generously agreed to donate a kidney to the aunt of one of her students.  

The 4th Grade Gifted Cluster teacher as Glenn L. Downs K-8 School said that she is beyond grateful and honored that she was chosen for this award.

Learn more about Ms. Solis through her own words.  

City of Residence: Goodyear

Why did you decide to get into teaching? I clearly remember being in my garage, excited to pretend to play "school" with kids from the neighborhood and I never lost that excitement.  When it was time to seriously plan my education, I realized, early enough in my college years, that teaching was my passion so I switched my major QUICKLY. :)

What is your favorite teaching moment? As an educator, when you see students grasp and master a concept that they thought was too difficult, their faces light up and the eagerness just radiates through the classroom.

How did you feel when you realized you won the Sliver Apple award?  SHOCKED!  I know that Arizona has so many wonderful teachers and I see them all the time here at Glenn L. Downs so I am just completely overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation that one of our students took the time to think of me!  What an honor.

What do you plan on doing with the $500 grant? Honestly, I have no idea just yet, so for now, it will go into our savings account. :)

Please share one of your best practices in the classroom with us. If I have to pick one best practice that has been effective time and time again, it would be instilling the practice of rechecking and reflection. If the students are aware of their mistakes, it is so powerful to learn from mistakes through reflection and revision.  Of course, it is important to detect those mistakes immediately and to intervene as needed. When that light bulb shines bright, it is a feeling that is unmatched in this profession!

What advice, if any, would you give to new teachers starting their career in the teaching industry? The advise that I would give is to expect to make mistakes, reflect on the day, and to watch other teachers teach! Remember, we are not in it for the income but rather the outcome :)

What was the greatest life lesson you've learned through your teaching experience that has affected your personal life? I have been so fortunate to be teaching in such a diverse district. Learning through the students and reflecting on my 11 years of teaching happens on a daily basis.  It is difficult to choose one life lesson learned throughout these past years, however, one thing that I can say is that these students are a constant reminder for me to be positive and encouraging.  

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