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Father says he doesn't owe karate school $400

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With four children, David Perdichizzi and his family stay busy since their kids are involved in many different activities.

One of those activities included karate classes for his 3-year-old son.

"It was you know, the closest karate place within a few mile radius of home," Perdichizzi tells 3 On Your Side. "It looked like a legitimate business and when we drove by there were a lot of kids in there."

Perdichizzi and his family said it's important to note they never signed any commitment with the school. They just asked for a month-to-month agreement.

But after six months, Perdichizzi said his son lost interest and didn't want to go anymore.

"My wife went into the business and said 'hey we're done. My son will be starting preschool, and we'd like to cancel our agreement.' They said 'fine,' and we walked out."

But, according to the Perdichizzis, they kept getting billed even though their child wasn't attending. The school eventually sent the $400 balance to a debt collection agency.

Finally, the couple told the school they were contacting 3 On Your Side for help if the matter wasn't resolved.

It never was.

"I would like the business to do right by us. If we didn't sign a contract, don't try to obligate us into something we are not obligated to."

After sitting down and speaking with the family, a 3 On Your Side photographer went to the karate school to get video of the business.

Less than two hours after shooting that video, the Perdichizzis said they got an email from the business saying they would no longer be on the hook for that $400 and to consider the matter closed.

The Perdichizzis have been fighting this issue for months and said they are happy it is finally resolved.

"We had a great experience with 3 On Your Side. My husband sent in an email, and there was an immediate response from you guys, and it seemed like you were hearing us," Riann Perdichizzi said.

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