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Used car test drive costs man $900

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Lane Goudy said he's stuck with a lemon.

"It was a white 2001 Camaro convertible interior not in the greatest shape," Goudy said.

It's not what you'd call showroom ready but Goudy thought this 15-year-old Camaro was a perfect fit for his budget. He found it for sale on Craigslist and the $1,100 price was perfect.

So Goudy called up the seller and asked to look at the car. According to Goudy, the seller identified himself as Felix Lopez and that was the name on the state issued title.

"I felt him out, my mechanic felt him out, so together everything seemed ok," Goudy said.

Goudy said he met the seller at a mobile home park and after checking out the car he asked to take it for a test ride. The seller agreed and Goudy handed over $900 first.

Goudy said when he came here to a mobile home to test drive the car he really didn't mind handing over $900 because he said the way he looked at it the $900 was more of a safety deposit in case he got into an accident.

However, within minutes of driving the Camaro, Goudy said it broke down.

"We get down the block a little bit of the ways, it's done, smoking and knocking so I try to start it up again, we're stuck in the middle of the street so I pushed it to the Circle K," Goudy said.

Goudy got a lift back to the mobile home but said the seller Felix Lopez was nowhere to be found and he had also changed his cell phone number.

3 On Your Side tried calling the number and we too found it has been disconnected.

The good news is Goudy managed to keep the title and technically he owns the car. But he never would have purchased the Camaro after it broke down on the test drive and knowing that the seller disappeared, Goudy said he realizes now he had been duped.

3 On Your Side went to the mobile home for answers but a woman said she knew nothing about the transaction. As for Goudy, he's stuck with a Camaro that doesn't run and needs some serious work. Goudy said it's a valuable lesson.

"It's a headache, looking at something I don't want. Big eyesore, big eyesore."

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