Bombshell VA report shows suicidal veterans released from hospital or ignored

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MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -

A bombshell new report on the Phoenix VA has been leaked.

The reports tells of suicidal veterans who tried to check in for help, only to be turned away. Once those vets walked out the door, whistleblowers say they vanished. "They could be dead, could have gone home and put a bullet in their head. Again we have blood on our hands," said whistleblower Brandon Coleman. He's passionate and on a crusade for change. Coleman says he's personally witnessed suicidal veterans walking out at the Phoenix VA, and no one was held responsible for it.

"Oftentimes these veterans were eloping. It was well known throughout the VA that veterans were eloping from the emergency department. I got tired of it," he said. Coleman took his complaints to the Office of Special Counsel and says he continues to face backlash and retaliation. It turns out in the final report signed by former Chief of Staff Robert Nabors, employees were found negligent. The report states that they did not adequately monitor emergency department patients with suicidal ideations, and didn't correctly complete a suicide risk level assessment for at least one veteran. 

There's more. In the report, the VA admitted that 10 suicidal veterans were allowed to walk out of the facility in just over a one-month period, but only 5 were actually checked on to make sure they were OK. As for the other five, no one apparently knows who they are. Coleman says an additional five, never mentioned in the report but deemed suicidal, are also unaccounted for to this day. 

"The VA is broken; it's the most corrupt system there is and the Phoenix area is the worst example of VA healthcare in the United States. This proves they lie," he said.

It turns out the person who ordered the "internal" investigation into Coleman's claims was Doctor Carolyn Clancy, the deputy undersecretary at the VA in Washington. Dr. Clancy sat down with me earlier this month and refused to answer any specific questions about the multitude of problems reported at the Phoenix VA. 

The national VA Public Affairs Office did not respond for comment on the report. A public records request for those additional alleged suicidal veterans who were allegedly allowed to leave the VA was requested a month ago, no reports have been released. 

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