How to add drips to your flower pots

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The Home Depot's Debbie Hernandez says you can have beautiful Spring flowers without the worry of watering.

Here's how you can add self-watering drippers to your pots and planters. 


-Flower Pot (Many different styles, materials and colors available) with hole in the bottom -Drill and drill bit to drill hole if there's not a hole in the pot.


-Gravel or rocks

-Miracle Grow potting soil

-Dripper hose line

-Dripper stake

-Drip system T connector, for multiples

(And the following if connecting to a hose) -Hose connector, pressure reducer, hose adapter


-Cut dripper hose to desired length.

-Drill hole in the bottom of the pot, if there isn't one.

-Run hose up through the hole in the pot from the bottom up.

-Attach a dripper stake to the top of the line.

-Place rocks in the bottom of the pot for drainage.

-Add soil and flowers to pot.

-Connect to existing drip system by cutting line and adding a T connector to tap off in another direction for pot OR -Run line to near the hose bib, attach Hose Connector to end of drip line, then Pressure Reducer, then Hose Adapter.

-Attach to hose bib.

*Also, use a Hose Adaptable Timer and/or a Hose splitter (to still have the garden hose available for other things, if desired).

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