Spring Training Tips that are a Home Run

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Heading out to a Spring Training game? Enjoy the fun on the flied with these tips to Cactus League Spring Training that each hit it out of the park!

1. Devote the Entire Day… Go big or go home as they say. When it comes to enjoying a game or two make sure to have the full experience. Wear the gear, know the stats and even stand in line for an autograph. Spring training games are the same length as season games so a few hours designated to a good time is a must. Enjoy a local meal or drink at a nearby restaurant that has a flair of Arizona and meal that will make any tummy happy. Get to the game early to scout out the best places for ball park food and a cold one. Splurge on the chocolate covered strawberries that look good or the cold stone creamery that is delicious. If the entire family is there, pack for an outing. Being supplied with sun screen, hats, towel and everything needed for the day will ensure the outing doesn't’t have an abrupt end. Spring is a rare season in Arizona and its best to utilize the 70 and 80 degree weather when it comes out to play!

2. Catch a Practice Game. The best kept secret to spring training are the practice games. Players don’t have official games every day and their “off days” aren’t met with sitting around the clubhouse. Minor league meets pro when teams play scrimmage games against one another. The best part… these games are FREE! Some teams have a practice facility that is not on the property so the public can sit and watch them practice free of charge. Practice games are a fantastic time to say “I watched him before he was a star” because this is part of the bringing up a player process. It helps that the stands are not crowded and the fans who attend practice games truly love their team.

3. Hop on the Trolley. I love anything free! Parking at a ball park is like sitting on the bench. It is something that has to be done, but if it can be avoided that is already the preferred call. Utilize the free trolley and shuttle services around town to head to a game and to a hang! Yep! With all the various stops it easy to cruise the city street from ballpark to shopping to dinner and drinks! Scottsdale has the Old Town trolley that runs all over town. Certain resorts have a joined trolley with limited stops, but most can get passengers to a ballpark. Talking Stick and Salt River Fields have a Trolley just for the ball park and for the gamblers the casino. Using the free services to get around town is not only cheaper, but also safer!

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XOXO Christina Deloma