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Robert Smith is one of many viewers 3 On Your Side helped in February.

He traveled to Los Angeles recently for a business trip, but before he went, he went to a website called www.Hotels.com to find a place to stay.

Smith said although he paid the website more than $136 for a two-night stay, that's not what the hotel said when he tried to check in.

"I made a reservation for a hotel room with Hotels.com and when I got to the hotel, the man said he didn't know what I was talking about," Smith explained to 3 On Your Side.

Smith said the confusion meant he had to pay another $136 to the hotel, essentially meaning he paid twice.

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"It was $65 a night, wasn't a lot but still, I had to double pay," he said.

3 On Your Side got involved and ww.Hotels.com agreed to look into the matter. The company discovered that the hotel where Smith stayed had made a mistake and that Smith shouldn't have been charged a second time.

The website wound up refunding Smith's money. It's money he says he couldn't have received without 3 On Your Side's help.

"It tells me a lot about the power of 3 On Your Side, and I thank you very much," he said.

3 On Your Side also helped Charles Steele and his wife.

The couple just had twins and with more laundry expected, they needed to upgrade their washer and dryer.

However after using their new $800 Samsung washer for just a few months, the washer door broke off, and the washer wouldn't operate.

To make matters worse, Samsung said it wouldn't repair or replace the washer even though it was still under warranty.

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Once 3 On Your Side stepped in, however, Samsung changed its mind and delivered a new $800 washer.

"Right after you got involved, the VP of Samsung apologized and told me that they were going to handle the situation immediately and replaced the unit," Steel said.

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And finally, 3 On Your Side helped out Vanessa Nieto.

Her son was rushed to the hospital a few months ago after suffering from a bad fall, something she said she'll never forget.

"It was the worst day ever," she said.

The medical bills amounted to around $1,300 out of pocket for Nieto. However, the doctor's office said if would cut it in half if she paid one lump sum of $650.

She did but later was billed for the remaining $650.

3 On Your Side asked the doctor's office to look into the matter.

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It did and discovered that a third-party biller was pursuing Nieto by mistake.

The doctor's office cleared up the problem and said Nieto won't be pursued any longer. Nieto says she's relieved. 

"It'll give me peace of mind because that's just another bill I don't want to go into collections," she said. "It's a bill that I don't think I should have to pay. I have great credit, and I don't want that to be on my credit report.

When you add up all the money 3 On Your Side either recouped for viewers or saved them in February, it amounts to $9,423.

That brings the total for 2016 to $14,651.

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