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Family finally locates SUV's title

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Penny Visser and her aunt, Margaret Wyatt, have been trying to get their hands a vehicle title for nearly a year now. (Source: 3TV) Penny Visser and her aunt, Margaret Wyatt, have been trying to get their hands a vehicle title for nearly a year now. (Source: 3TV)

Penny Visser said she thought she would never see her vehicle title, but with the help of 3 On Your Side, she has it. 

"This is the State of Indiana Title of Certificate," she said as she held the title. "I am thrilled to have this in my hands. It's been very frustrating." 

That frustration started a full year ago when Visser began helping out her aunt, Margaret Wyatt, whose husband died last February.

In a recent 3 On Your Side report, we told you how Visser paid off her deceased uncle's car and attempted to get the title of ownership for her aunt.

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Because of a series of hurdles like lost mail, misunderstandings with the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles and the credit union, Visser had been unable to obtain the title.

"We tried again last week and at that point, I just threw up my hands and said I don't know what else I can do here," she initially told 3 On Your Side.

Visser and her aunt contacted 3 On Your Side, hoping we could guide them through the maze of red tape.

"Well, I have seen the show before, and I was like 'Wow. They (3 On Your Side) can really make things happen,'" Visser said.

After looking through paperwork and talking with the credit union, 3 On Your Side discovered the title to the Ford Expedition was in Indiana.

It wound up there after the Wyatts moved to Indiana briefly and re-registered their SUV they. They then moved back to Arizona.

3 On Your Side got Visser and Wyatt the proper Indiana documents to fill out and after they did, the title to that SUV finally arrived in the mail.

Visser and Wyatt say what took them a year took 3 On Your Side less than a month to get done.

Wyatt said she's happy 3 On Your Side resolved the issue.

"Thank you," she said. "My niece has really struggled with this. She really has. We thank you so kindly for your work, and keep up the hard work."

I have to say I couldn't have gotten this resolved without some hard work by some state employees in Indiana. They told us exactly what kind of paperwork needed to be filled out. They also told us what documents to submit, including a certified copy of Miles Wyatt's death certificate.

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