New concrete coating is slip resistant

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(Source: KTVK) (Source: KTVK)
(Source: KTVK) (Source: KTVK)

Behr paints has a new concrete coating that is decorative and slip resistant.


  • Revives Concrete Surfaces
  • Durable Protective Finish
  • Available in 2 Pre-mixed and 16 Custom Colors
  • Fills in hairline cracks
  • Resists Dirt, Grease and Household Stains
  • Interior and Exterior use


-Prepare existing concrete by etching with Muriatic Acid. Dilute Muriatic Acid with water per manufacturer instructions.
-Water down any greenery or foliage before using the Muriatic Acid.
-Apply diluted Muriatic acid to concrete and scrub with a scrub brush.
-Rinse thoroughly until white chalky residue is gone.
-Let concrete dry
-Apply first thin coat of Granite Grip with a 1/4" Adhesive Roller, using a 5 gallon Home Depot Bucket and grid instead of a paint tray for large areas.

-Let first coat dry 3-4 hours. It will be blotchy and uneven, that's ok!
-Apply 2nd thin coat of Granite Grip and let dry 24 hours.


-Apply 2-3 coats Behr Wet Look Sealer for maximum protection and shine.
-Also great for pots and multiple other surfaces!

*Not recommended for garage floors or driveways, not to be driven on," said Debbie Hernandez of Home Depot.

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