Birth order plays a part in politics

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Dr. Kevin Leman (Source: KPHO/KTVK) Dr. Kevin Leman (Source: KPHO/KTVK)

Political season is in full swing and we're learning more about the presidential candidates. But one man says he already knows who will be our next president -- a firstborn.  

Dr. Kevin Leman is an author and psychologist who has written many books on birth order. He says because of how they are raised, firstborns are often our governors, legislators and presidents because they are natural leaders. Almost 70 percent of our American presidents have been firstborns. But firstborn can have different meanings.  

"Bernie Sanders is what I call a functional firstborn," Leman said. "He's got a six-year gap between himself and his older brother. Anytime you see a five-year gap or more, you sort of start another family. Those two brothers never went to the same high school together, as an example."

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is a firstborn and so is her husband, former President Bill Clinton. 

When it comes to the Republican candidates, more firstborns dominate the field.

"Rubio has a brother 21 years older than him, so he's a functional firstborn," Leman said. "Cruz acts very much like an only child. He's probably not the most liked person in Washington. He's a very principled person."

And then there's Donald Trump.

"Donald Trump is interesting because he's in the middle, but there's a big gap between him and his older brother, who passed away. So you see the mediator and 'wheeler and dealer' middle-child entrepreneur, but you also see the dictatorial firstborn, autocratic, 'call a spade a spade,' gets himself in trouble firstborn."

Leman said middle children shouldn't lose heart if they have hopes of becoming the president one day. While it's not as likely, it's not impossible. Richard Nixon was a middle child and Ronald Reagan was actually the baby of his family.  

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