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Girl Scout Cookie Dessert Challenge is BACK this February at Restaurants across the Valley and Flagstaff

Girl ScoutsArizona Cactus-Pine Council is pleased to announce the return of its award-winning Girl Scout Cookie Dessert Challenge. For the third year in a row, chefs from some of the state's most popular restaurants will use their culinary prowess to re-imagine one of the beloved flavors of Girl Scout cookies Do-Si-Dos, Samoas, Tagalongs, Thin Mints, Trefoils, and Savannah Smiles into a custom dessert menu item. Each restaurant has agreed to feature its dessert on its menu from February 1 to February 29, 2016, with a portion of the proceeds from each dessert sold directly supporting Girl Scouting in our community.

The participating restaurants, and their creative desserts, are: 

Restaurant: 32 Shea
Location: 10626 N. 32nd Street in Phoenix 
Chef/Dessert Designer: Theresa "Chef T" Willie 
Assigned Cookie: Samoas 
Dessert: Samoas Cookie Pecan Shortbread Coconut Caramel Trifle

Restaurant: 5th and Wine
Location: 7051 E. 5th Avenue in Scottsdale 
Chef/Dessert Designer: Enrique Sanchez 
Assigned Cookie: Tagalongs
Dessert: Warm Tagalong Dulce de Leches Cake

Restaurant: BlueFire Grille at the Scottsdale Hilton Resort and Villas 
Location: 6333 North Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale
Chef/Dessert Designer: Patrick Doyle
Assigned Cookie: Savannah Smiles 
Dessert: Savanna Smiles Crumble Crust Prickly Pear Cheese Cake

Restaurant: Churn 
Location: 5223 North Central Avenue in Phoenix
Chef/Dessert Designer: Jada Shaiya
Assigned Cookie: Trefoils
Dessert: Trefoil Butter Swirl Ice Cream

Restaurant: Copper Leaf Gastrolounge
Location: 4225 North Craftsman Court in Scottsdale
Chef/Dessert Designer: Todd Williams 
Assigned Cookie: Thin Mints 
Dessert: Thin Mint Pizza Cookie

Restaurant: Kelly's at Southbridge
Location: 7117 E. 6th Avenue in Scottsdale 
Chef/Dessert Designer: Kelli Casey 
Assigned Cookie: Thin Mints
Dessert: Thin Mint Cheesecake

Restaurant: Lumberyard Brewery
Location: 5 South San Francisco Street in Flagstaff
Chef/Dessert Designer: Richard Kimball
Assigned Cookie: Thin Mints 
Dessert: Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Sandwich

Restaurant: Olive + Ivy 
Location: 7135 E. Camelback Road in Scottsdale 
Chef/Dessert Designer: Kelli Sappington 
Assigned Cookie: Thin Mints 
Dessert: Thin Mint Gelato 

Restaurant: Paul Martin's American Grill
Location: 6186 North Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale
Chef/Dessert Designer: Ray Valencia
Assigned Cookie: Samoas 
Dessert: Caramel Delight Ice Cream

Restaurant: Rhythm & Wine 
Location: 7605 E Pinnacle Peak Road in Scottsdale 
Chef/Dessert Designer: Terry Craig 
Assigned Cookie: Savannah Smiles 
Dessert: Savannah Chambord Raspberry Mousse

Restaurant: Rusconi's American Kitchen
Location 10637 North Tatum Boulevard in Phoenix 
Chef/Dessert Designer: Michael Rusconi  
Assigned Cookie: Samoas
Dessert: Banana Cream Samoa Jar

Restaurant: The Henry
Location: 4455 E. Camelback Road in Phoenix/Arcadia
Chef/Dessert Designer: Marissa Pintor 
Assigned Cookie: Tagalongs 
Dessert: Tagalong Donuts 

Restaurant: The Market By Jennifer's Restaurant + Bar
Location: 3603 East Indian School Road in Phoenix/Arcadia 
Chef/Dessert Designer: Jennifer Russo
Assigned Cookie: Trefoils 
Dessert: "Twixted" Trefoil Bar

Restaurant: Tom's Thumb
Location: 9393 E. Bell Road in Scottsdale
Chef/Dessert Designer: Andrea Madrid 
Assigned Cookie: Do-Si-Dos
Dessert: Do-Si-Decadent Cheesecake

Girl Scout Cookies will be available from January 18 to February 28 this year. As in recent years, the Girl Scouts will have all cookies on hand for immediate customer purchase. Locations of cookie booths can be found by downloading the app Cookie Finder or by visiting www.girlscoutcookies.org

For more information on the challenge, please visit www.girlscoutsaz.org/dessertchallenge. And be sure to get social with us! Tag any and all of your Girl Scout Cookie Dessert Challenge photos and posts with #DessertChallenge and #GirlScoutsAZ to join in the movement!

The World Health Administration is warning that the mosquito-borne Zika virus may infect up to four million people.  Dr. Sheena Banerjee of AllKids Urgent Care explains the symptoms and address concerns of Zika.
Zika is a virus that can cause the following symptoms: Rash, Fever, Pink eye (conjunctivitis) and Joint pain with some experiencing headache, muscle pain or vomiting. 

Parents should be concerned if their children are experiencing some of the mentioned symptoms, but keep in mind Zika cannot be spread through casual contact.

Parents should also take note that the only cases of Zika right now in the United States are from those who have traveled to Latin America and/or the Caribbean. 

Some of these symptoms are similar to other more common illnesses that are going around Arizona now.  The symptoms of Zika can be similar to the flu or parainfluenza. 

One major concern from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is that Zika may be dangerous to pregnant women and their unborn babies. 

Health officials say there is a potential connection between this recent outbreak of Zika and an increase in a condition called microcephaly in which babies are born with unusually small heads.  Recent data shows that in 2014 Brazil had just under 200 babies born with this serious and lifelong condition and in 2015 there were almost 3,000 cases.

Right now, Zika has been detected in 20 countries and territories in Latin America and the Caribbean. The CDC has issued a travel advisory for pregnant women traveling to these countries.

It is important to note that while Zika infection has been reported in travelers returning to the United States, there have been no reports of anyone getting Zika from a mosquito in this country.  However, if a mosquito was to bite someone with Zika Virus it can potentially be a threat to others.

Currently there is no vaccine or cure for Zika, so if you have traveled to any of the countries listed on the CDC website and are experiencing the prior mentioned symptoms, please see your doctor for a proper diagnosis.

AllKids Urgent Care believes that all kids deserve the best and is active in the community, educating kids, parents, teachers and caregivers about children's health. AllKids Urgent Care has clinics in both Mesa and Gilbert off the US60. Both locations are open from noon to 10 pm every day. 

For more information visit: http://mysickkid.com/

AllKids Urgent Care Locations:

AllKids Urgent Care Mesa Pediatric Urgent Care
10720 E. Southern Ave. #112A
Mesa, AZ 85209

AllKids Urgent Care Gilbert Pediatric Urgent Care
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Phone number: 480-633-1111

February is American Heart Month, so there's no better time to get these important reminders if you are having heart issues.

1. What are the signs of a heart issue? What do you if you feel yourself having chest pain?

Chest Pain Most heart attacks cause discomfort or pain in the center of the chest that can last for several minutes. The pain may go away and then return. It can feel like uncomfortable pressure, squeezing, fullness or pain.

Discomfort in Other Areas of the Upper Body This can include pain or discomfort in one or both arms, the back, neck, jaw or stomach.

Shortness of Breath May occur with or without chest discomfort.

What to Do? 
Dial, don't drive. Call 911 immediately. It is a phone call that could save your life.

2. What do you do when you're with someone who says they're having chest pain?

You're better off dialing 911 than rushing someone to the hospital yourself. More than 50% of the time, a civilian tries to rush someone to the hospital. Please ... dial, don't drive.

Ambulance crews can begin vital diagnostic tests and medical treatment for heart problems and can continue the treatment en-route to the hospital. 
If a patient's heart stops, the crew can use a defibrillator on board the ambulance and can start cardiac arrest treatments immediately.

Kale up for adoption at AAWL

"Kale" is a big sweet boy that has been overlooked at the shelter for a long time.  I'm a little dog stuck in a big dog’s body! I think I'm a 70 pound Chihuahua and love cuddling, sitting on laps, and treats. I have good focus and would love to find a family who will teach me new things and help me become the perfect doggie companion! Come down to the shelter to meet me and my other adoptable friends
Breed  Retriever, Labrador/Plott Hound 
Age    2 years 1 month 7 days 
Sex    Male 
Size    Large 
Color    Brindle/White 
Site    Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA 
Location    Building 7 
Intake Date    12/23/2015 
Adoption Price    $20.00 

For more information on "Kale" and other animals up for adoption visit: https://aawl.org/                             

Arizona Animal Welfare league
25 N 40th Street Phoenix AZ 85034

How Women Can Avoid Paying The "Pink Tax" 

From baby clothes to shampoo, women pay more than men for hundreds of products they use every day.  The only difference? The packaging! A new study reveals how expensive it really is to be a female consumer and the surprising ways we keep being misled with "his" and "hers" pricing.

Nancy Tengler of Arizona Bank & Trust explains the "Pink Tax," and how to avoid paying it.

Pink Tax
Source: Gender pricing report, NYC Consumer Affairs
On average, across all five industries, DCA found that women's products cost 7 percent more than similar
products for men. Specifically:

  •  7 percent more for toys and accessories
  •  4 percent more for children's clothing
  •  8 percent more for adult clothing
  •  13 percent more for personal care products
  •  8 percent more for senior/home health care products

In all but five of the 35 product categories analyzed, products for female consumers were priced higher than those for male consumers. Across the sample, DCA found that women's products cost more 42 percent of the time while men's products cost more 18 percent of the time.

Gender Pricing Report:

For more information visit: https://www.arizbank.com/

Arizona Bank & Trust
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