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Crab Fest cancellations continue

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Crab legs. They are some of the most flavorful, pricey and sought-after seafood around. So, when a group calling itself the Dungeness Crab Association was planning a Crab Fest here in the Valley recently, people took notice and bought tickets. One of those people, Georgia Treat, said she was raised eating crab and couldn't say no to the event.

"The description sounded really good, too, because they said you sit down and have a bowl of Dungeness crab and every 20 minutes they would bring you another bowl," she told 3 On Your Side a couple of weeks ago.

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Treat and her husband had $60 tickets to the Crab Fest, but when she and other crab lovers showed up at the Esplanade where the event was to take place, the event had been canceled. 

"It makes you wonder, how often does that happen?" Treat said.

Well, apparently it just happened again. 

The Dungeness Crab Association sold tickets to a Crab Fest in Oakland, CA that was supposed to take place over the weekend. 

3 On Your Side has discovered an "event notice" on the door saying the crab fest had been canceled at the last minute. Sound familiar?

An Internet search of the Dungeness Crab Association reveals many angry consumers around the nation calling the crab fests scams because tickets are purchased in various cities but the events in those cities always seem to be canceled. 

What does Treat think?

"Scam for sure," she said.

Well, not so fast. The website for the Dungeness Crab Association is pretty sparse with no telephone number. However, it claims there was some kind of crab ban and apologized for the cancellations. It also says, "We are a valid business," and offered suggestions on how consumers can get refunds.

Treat said she doesn't know who or what to believe anymore.

"We were really shocked and disappointed," she said.

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