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The end of January is approaching and it has been a very busy month for 3 On Your Side's Gary Harper and his team. Not only was it busy... It was successful.  Here are some of those success stories.


Heather Ayers is just one viewer 3 On Your Side helped out in January. Her problem revolved around a pre-paid credit card called The RushCard. She says the card had been so handy, she has her employer deposit her paycheck directly on to the RushCard.

 "I heard it was a good way to get your payroll deposited in your account," Ayers told 3 On Your Side. "You get it two days early and I never had any problems, up until now."

However, the RushCard had some kind of glitch and it prevented Ayers from accessing her account which had $590 in it.

Ayers was unable to get to her money for nearly two months and she says RushCard certainly wasn't helping her when she contacted them.

As for paying her bills, it was impossible because all her money was on that card.   "I am so backed up trying to get caught up on bills.  I still have to pay rent this month.  I got a disconnect from APS and I have to pay that.

So, 3 On Your Side got involved and asked RushCard to look into the issue.

They did and immediately discovered the problem.  They sent Ayers a new card giving her access to her $590.

Ayers says it took 3 On Your Side to get it done.And as for RushCard, she says she no longer uses it.  "I stopped my direct deposit with them  and I no longer want to use them, not after what I went through."


We can't forget Dave Hoffman.  He hired an unlicensed contractor to remodel his kitchen.

After giving that guy, Donald Libby, around $3,500, Libby abandoned the job and kept the money.  Libby wound up returning a small potion back to Hoffman, but he still landed on the Arizona Registrar of Contractors' Most Wanted list.

3 On Your Side managed to track Libby down and persuaded him into the returning the remaining $2,700 he owed Hoffman. 

Hoffman says he owes it all to 3 On Your Side for getting his money back for him.


And then, there's Ralph Caswell.  The Navy veteran and senior citizen recently received a letter from a collection agency saying he owes more than $1,900 in student loans,  student loans from nearly 50 years ago.  "I didn't know what to do," Caswell told 3 On Your Side.  I thought it was a scam but instead it was a series of glitches."

Caswell couldn't prove he had actually paid off his loans decades ago, so he contacted 3 On Your Side for help.

We got a hold of the U.S. Department of Education and after they looked into the matter, they discovered they mistakenly sent Caswell to that collection agency and that this senior citizen had in fact paid off the loan years ago just like he said.

Caswell says he sure is glad he doesn't have to come up with $1,900 and thanks 3 On Your Side for coming to his side.  "I just didn't know who to turn to and I remember seeing 3 On Your Side how Gary Harper helped a lot of people," Caswell said.   "I don't owe anything because everything was paid off many years ago and it's a really good feeling because that is a lot of money."

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