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Valley family seeking vehicle's title

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Margaret Wyatt and her niece Penny Visser have had it rough the last year.  

"I would just like to have peace, and you can't have peace of mind until you got it all settled," Wyatt told 3 On Your Side.

Their troubles started when Wyatt's husband, Miles, died last February. While the family was still grieving, Visser helped pay off an auto loan for a 2007 Ford Expedition, which was owned by her aunt and her now-deceased uncle. 

"They have two vehicles and one of them she wanted to get rid of because of the expenses and everything," Visser said.

So, Visser paid off that SUV for her aunt and then the two of them waited for the title to arrive.

That was nearly a year ago. Even though they have a lien release from the credit union, the two women say they can't seem to get the title to that SUV.

"Anytime I've paid off a vehicle before I've just gotten the title in the mail probably one or two weeks," Visser said.

However, for nearly a year, Visser says the credit union has continually referred her and her aunt to the Arizona Department of Transportation's Motor Vehicles Division. MVD keeps sending them back to the credit union.

"We tried again last week, and at that point, I just threw up my hands and said I don't know what else I can do here," a frustrated Visser said.

3 On Your Side got involved and after making a few phone calls to the credit union, it discovered the problems behind the SUV's missing title.

One glitch happened back in 2013 when Wyatt and her husband took their SUV and moved to Indiana where the car was re-registered.

Although the senior couple later moved back to the Phoenix area, the SUV was unknowingly left titled in Indiana.

To complicate matters, Visser and her aunt later requested a duplicate title for the SUV and even though the credit union says it was mailed, Visser and her aunt never received it. One possible reason for not getting the title in the mail was because Wyatt had moved from that address.  

"I don't have a lot of patience dealing with things like this," Visser said. "It has really been frustrating."

The credit union provided 3 On Your Side the following timeline with detailed information further explaining the confusion.

  • September 2013 - The Wyatts requested a state change for their vehicle
  • February 2015 - Miles Wyatt died
  • March 2015 - Vehicle is paid off
  • March 2015 - Paper title mailed to Wyatt's old address on file and never received
  • July 2015 - Visser and aunt request lien release so they can go to MVD
  • January 2016 - Credit union discovers that Wyatts requested a state change years earlier and that the vehicle is titled in Indiana; Credit union says Indiana cannot print title for other states.

To assist in resolving the issue, the credit union provided a step-by-step process that Visser and Wyatt will have to follow in order to obtain the title. One of those steps is filling out paperwork with the State of Indiana. 

Once those documents are provided, Visser and her aunt should have their title.

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