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'Crabby' over crab fest

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It was an event to which many Valley consumers were looking forward -- the "Super Crab Festival." But the event never took place and now those who bought tickets say they just want their money back.

"Especially crab, I'm from Delaware so I'm used to being able to have seafood." 

Georgia Treat has a weakness for crab legs. The Delaware transplant said she grew up eating them.

"They would just put butcher paper down on the table and just the big pot of crab and dump it on that butcher paper," she recalled.

Knowing she loves crab legs, Treat's kids found a Crab Fest here in the Valley and bought her a pair of tickets on Groupon for $60.

"The description sounded really good, too, because they said you sit down and have a bowl of Dungeness crab and every 20 minutes they would bring you another bowl," Treat said.

All-you-can-eat crab legs sounded right up her alley, and she looked forward to using the tickets her kids bought for her. 

"We were excited, very excited," she said.

The event was scheduled for Jan. 16 at the Esplanade in Phoenix and that's exactly where Georgia went. 

"We pulled into the parking garage of the Esplanade and the attendant said, 'I'm sorry, there's no event here today,'" Treat told us.

No event? Treat was shocked and disappointed. 

Her children had used Groupon in the past and had never had a problem. So, what happened this time? 

Treat said the attendant handed over a note explaining why the event wasn't taking place. 

"The crab fest promoted by the Dungeness crab Association through Groupon as taking place at this address on Saturday, January 16th was done without the consent of the Esplanade."

Treat says it sounds like someone goofed up, but that doesn't mean her kids should be out $60 for an event that never happened.  

She said her daughter contacted Groupon. 

"I want my children to get their money back and they want their money back because that's just really not right," Treat said.

Wondering if and when her kids would be getting their money back, Treat contacted 3 On Your Side, which in turn, went to Groupon.

The popular deals site looked into the issue. 

"Anyone who purchased tickets to the event through Groupon will receive an automatic refund," the company wrote in an email to 3 On Your Side.

Groupon went on to say it would specifically talk to Treat to ensure "her refund has been processed."

As for the Dungeness crab Association, 3 On Your Side sent an email asking about that Crab Fest that never took place. Nobody ever replied. 

3 On Your Side discovered the organization is having an event later this month in Oakland. 

Hopefully, the organization has obtained proper permission for the event. If not, Treat believes a lot of people, like her will be disappointed. 

"I don't know how Groupon vet the people that sell discounted tickets, but they need to do that a little better I think," I think.

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