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Valley couple upset after paying $6,200 for spa they still don't have

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Kristen Forbes says she and her boyfriend have been looking forward to pouring a glass of wine and enjoying a very special delivery they've been expected for weeks -- a spa.

"We decided we wanted a spa because we like to work out," she said. "There's a lot of soreness of the muscles at the end of the day, and it's really good for that, and just to kinda hang out on the weekends together, have a glass of wine, have a fire going."

After saving up some money, they went to Spa Man Spas, also known as Mr. Spa

"The hot tub was on sale for about $6,500, so we purchased the hot tub, and they gave us a cash discount, so we paid in cash," Forbes said. 

After handing over more than $6,200 back in November, they waited for the hot tub and immediately started prep work in the backyard to get ready for its arrival.

"We had about $1,200 in electrical work done in the backyard," Forbes said. "We had a pad built out of pavers to put the hot tub on, which we hurried to get done 'cause they said it had to be done by the time of delivery."

And the delivery time the couple said they were given?

“We were told we would get it in three to six weeks, and we still haven't heard anything," Forbes said.

They actually ordered and paid for the spa in early November, but 12 weeks later, the couple said they still don't have that spa, and they can't get any answers from the company.

“No one has ever returned my calls, and all I want to know is when to expect the hot tub that we paid for,' Forbes said.

3 On Your Side contacted Dave Miller, who runs Spa Man Spas and Mr. Spa.

In an email, he apologized for the delay and noted that " ... we never guarantee a time of delivery as we are only the dealer and not the manufacturer ...'

Although he claims he ordered the spa when Forbes and her boyfriend paid, Forbes said a company employee told her that the spa was actually ordered after 3 On Your Side started asking questions.

Forbes said she and her boyfriend are fed up. She said they would never have paid more than $6,200 up front if they knew it would take longer than 12 weeks to get their hot tub.

"I don't even want to look outside 'cause it just makes me angry," she said.

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