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MLK Parade & Festival

Phoenix: MLK March

9:00am Monday, Jan 18 @ Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church, 1401 E Jefferson Street

Arizona citizens young, old, of all nationalities and of varying Valley organizations take part in a march symbolic of King's 1968 march. Led by many City officials, including the Governor and Mayor. The March starts at Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church and culminates at Margaret T. Hance Park for a Festival.

MLK Festival

10:00am-4:00pm Monday, Jan 18 @ Margaret T. Hance Park, 3rd Street & Moreland

The MLK March culminates at Margaret T. Hance Park for a Festival where the life of Dr. King and historical civil rights events are remembered and celebrated. Different cultures interact through numerous vendors, entertainment, cuisine and a health fair.

You can find more details on the city's MLK Day Activities page:


The MLK Parade will be held Monday, Jan. 18 from 11 a.m. to noon. The parade route has been changed due to the light rail. The parade will begin at the intersection of Center Street and MLK Way and will travel south on Center Street and turn west on First Street. The parade will continue on First Street to Robson where it will end. This route offers wide, tree-lined streets for the entire length of the parade and will be easily accessible for all. The parade will include Mesa Police, Mesa Fire, Mesa Councilmembers, marching bands and community leaders and organizations.

This year's grand marshal is Everett Woods Senior, a charter member of the Mesa Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Mr. Woods has served as vice president, treasurer, breakfast chair and co-chair of the parade committee.  He currently serves as a retired board member.

For more information on the various MLK celebrations, visit

Esquites Asados- Chef Silvana Salcido Esparza

In Mexico, street vendors sell corn two ways: elote (a corncob you eat like you're playing the harmonica) and esquites (a bowlful of buttery kernels.

Chef Silvana Salcido Esparza of Barrio Urbano show us ravishingly creamy rendition, the grilled, buttered kernels are folded with mayonnaise, cotija, hot sauce, lime and cilantro.

Here is here receipt for Esquites Asados:

Recipe- Esquites Asados

Serves: 4

4 ears fresh corn

1 cup cotija cheese, grated

½1 stick butter

½1 cup mayonnaise

1 lime

Tapatio hot sauce, to taste

Cilantro, for garnish

Grill corn on the cob on the cooler side of the range until tender, being careful not to over-char on direct flame. With a clean kitchen towel, hold the corn on its side, removing the corn kernels from the cob with a knife in a slicing motion.

Place corn kernels in a saucepan with butter and reheat at a low temperature until butter is melted, being careful not to burn the butter. Serve topped with a dollop of mayonnaise, cotija, Tapatio hot sauce to taste, lime and cilantro to taste. Optional garnish: spicy shrimp.

Website -

Barrio Urbano

5632 N. 7th St.


(602) 287-9000

7th Street & Montebello

Teen Tools

If you have a teenager or even a college student behind the wheels, here's a FREE event you need to know about.  It's called "Teens and Tools" where car mechanics will be giving young adults the "hand-on" knowledge of basic car care for FREE!  Students will learn about engine lights, routine maintenance, oil changes and more… so young drivers feel more confident on the road

General Manager, Rusty Ramsey will be empowering teens and young adult drivers with "hands-on" demonstration on car basics: engine light, oil changes, routine maintenance and more.  It'll be a fun, interactive night and our young drivers will leave feeling more confident and knowledgeable!

Desert Car Care is family-owned and operated and because this event is FREE, the managers are asking for attendees to consider bringing food items to help replenish the food bank shelves of Matthew's Crossing Food Bank in Chandler (1 in 4 kids go to bed hungry in the areas this food bank helps).  The shelves are now depleted after the holidays. 

"Teens and Tools"

Wed. Jan. 20th

6:30pm - 8pm

RSVP Required (480) 497-4787

Between N. McQueen Rd and N. El Dorado Drive

Desert Car Care McQueen

1655 W. Guadalupe Rd.

Gilbert, AZ 85233

480- 497-4787

Queen of Clean

Linda Cobb the Queen of clean teaches us Making your own furniture polish and easy ways to give your furniture a shine. 

For more information visit Linda's website and Facebook page.

Be a better boss

Author Larry Winget, gives tips on how to be a better boss and how to deal with a bad boss.

  • Set high expectations.  Then communicate those expectations, train to those expectations, and manage those expectations.
  • Be decisive. 
  • Don't concern yourself with being liked, instead work to be respected.
  • Spend more time hiring so you won't have to spend so much time firing. 

If you have a bad boss:

  • Write down why you think so. 
  • Is it a conflict of personalities? 
  • Do you not like their style? 
  • Do you disagree with their decisions?

For more information on Larry Winget visit his website:

Fight the blues and the flu with food!

Flu Fighting Foods with Dr. Robb Bird of TransformYou Weight Loss Clinic tells us what to eat to boost your immunity to help beat the blues and the flu's.

1. Carrots: What's up Doc, literally tops the list with bunny favorite carrots, loaded with Beta carotene it is a provitamin the body converts into vitamin A, and is a powerful antioxidant which can also be pumped up with some pumpkin. Antioxidants are also very important in increasing brain activity and reducing free radicals, which can lead to a better mood and can drive off depressive mood swings.

2. Go Guava: Call in the Captain of all immunity boosters, it contains Vitamin C which is found in more than just your morning OJ. Studies show that Vitamin C can boost the neurotransmitters in the brain and improve mood.  

3. Kiwi: Kick up your immunity with some kiwi! Kiwifruit is an excellent source of vitamin C and vitamin K as well as a very good source of copper and dietary fiber. It is also a good source of vitamin E, potassium, folate, and manganese.

4. Red Peppers: Red peppers contain almost 300 percent of your daily vitamin C intake. Besides being a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C is also needed for the proper absorption of iron.    

5. Salmon & Mackerel: If something is fishy with your immune system call in the Defense of Vitamin D rich Salmon and Mackerel.  Plus, fight the blues! Omega-3 fatty acids help our brain cells communicate and enhance the concentration of dopamine and serotonin two neurotransmitters that help regulate mood. You are best to opt for the wild caught varieties.

6. Sesame Seeds: Sunny Days are here again with zinc rich Sesame seeds not street that is... The zinc zones to zap the common cold, ear infections, and respiratory infections.

7. Aloe Vera Extract: Not a food, but a must-mention! Soothe your immunity with Aloe Vera Extract which possesses multiple medicinal qualities that can help your body to recover more quickly and calm inflammation.

TransformYou Weight Loss Clinic

4025 S. McClintock Drive, Suite #210

Tempe, AZ 85282

Office: (480) 839-4131

24 Carrots Cafe & Juicery/ Healthy Eating

For more Information visit:

Motivation Mondays/ Fitness resolution mistakes!

Brent Ferguson, head fitness trainer at Lifetime tells us the mistakes of making a fitness resolution.

The common mistakes people make year after year when making a fitness resolution -- and HOW to make and KEEP your resolution this year!

The second week of January is BUSIER than the first, believe it or not, mainly because people set a fitness resolution -- then don't do anything the first week -- freak out, and hit the gym hard the second. Then two weeks later, people give up again.

For more information on Lifetime Fitness visit their website at:

Grand Canyon, Tonto and Coronado National Parks offer free admission for MLK Day.

For more information visit these websites:, or call the Tonto National Forest at 602-225-5200 during business hours.

Coronado National Forest

300 W. Congress, 6th Floor

Tucson, AZ  85701

Voice: 520-388-8300


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