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Toy hauler finally returned after 6 months

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Rick Fossett love his toys.

"We take this up north and do some trail riding and then, of course, we can go to the dunes," he said.

Fossett said he uses his RV to transport those toys and his family for camping trips.
But Fossett says the toy hauler was starting to show its age with fading pin striping and flaking graphics.  

“The sun had done some damage to the graphics, and so I looked around for a place to have the graphics fixed, and I took it there,"

"There" is Crossbones Graphics in Phoenix. He took his RV in in July.
Crossbones Graphics said for about $4,000, it could remove all the hazy pin striping and aged graphics and replace them with shiny new ones.
To get the job started, Fossett had to hand over $2,500.

"I asked him how long it would take, and he says it usually takes about two weeks," Fossett explained.

But those two weeks have come and long since gone. Remember, Fossett took the RV in back in July. Naturally he wanted it back.
He said every time he called Crossbones Graphics all he would hear were excuses for why the project wasn't finished.

"He's told me the power was out, and his wife was sick, and he was sick and the kid was sick -- just a lot, a lot of excuses," Fossett said.

Wondering what the holdup was, he contacted 3 On Your Side.
Aerial footage confirmed Fossett's RV was in the back of Crossbones Graphics, but it was unclear how much more work had to be done.

"I just hope that the thing can get finished, I can finish paying my bill, and I cannot worry about this guy anymore," Fossett said. 

3 On Your Side spoke with the owner of Crossbones Graphics, who acknowledged the project was taking longer than expected. He agreed to finish the job immediately and get Fossett's RV back to him as soon as possible. 
And that's exactly what happened.

Fossett said he can now enjoy his RV with its new look, and says he couldn't have done it without 3 On Your Side. 

"I think we're about ready to go thanks to 3 On Your Side."

While Fossett is thrilled to have his RV back, he said he’s not really satisfied with the workmanship.

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