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Shed delivery mishap

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Richard Hix loves his motorcycle and he has invested a lot of money into it.

To help protect his motorcycle when he isn't riding it, Hix decided to purchase a shed and have it installed right next to the mobile home he lives in.

He said the shed would not only keep his motorcycle secure, but it would also have other uses as well.

"I was going to put a loft up in it to put our Christmas decorations and stuff and my wife to have a sewing room and washer and dryer area and the other half I was going to use to do service on my motorcycle and vehicles," he said.

So, Hix took some measurements and decided that a 10-by-12-foot shed would fit in nicely next to his mobile home.

According to Hix, his property was more than big enough to accommodate such a shed. So, he went to Arizona Portable Buildings in Apache Junction and ordered one.

After handing over a $500 down payment and signing some paperwork, Hix agreed to a rent-to-own option, which he would pay in monthly payments and it would cost about $3,300. But when delivery time came, there was a problem.

"The gentleman came out with it and unloaded it in the middle of the road," Hix said. "I asked him to turn it completely around to have the door facing east. He refused to do it because he said it would not fit."

Wouldn't fit? Hix couldn't understand. He's measured the area over and over.

"It's a 10-by-12 shed, I have 18 feet wide to bring a shed through there and it would fit, but according to them it will not," Hix said.

As a result, Hix said he's now stuck paying for a shed that he can't even take possession of so 3 On Your Side got hold of Arizona Portable Buildings and spoke with Brandon Perkins, who explained why the shed apparently won't fit.

"There's not enough room to swivel the building in the area he wanted," Perkins said. "He's in a 10-by-12 area and our forklift is roughly 6 feet long and 4 feet wide."

So, although the shed technically fits, getting it in and then turned facing in the position Hix wants it is impossible.

After our involvement, though, Perkins agreed to speak with his corporate office called Weather King, which fabricated the shed. In an email to 3 On Your Side, the company told us they have agreed to custom make another shed and put on a foundation that will allow it to be positioned exactly where and how Hix wants it. 

Hix said he's glad he decided to reach out to 3 On Your Side for help.

"We got ahold of 3 On Your Side, I thought Gary Harper and his crew could actually help me out and get this situation straightened out because I have a lot of faith in Gary Harper and his crew," Hix said.

A big thank you to Weather King for making that other shed so it can fit the way Hix wants it. They certainly didn’t have to do that, but they did.  

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