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Arizona Road Conditions and Closures
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Sandbag Locations

The valley of the sun is expected to have rain for the next few days. To avoid flooding in some areas fire stations in the Phoenix Metro area will supply sand. You must provide your own shovel. Here are the fire stations that will provide sand.

Phoenix Sandbags:

SAND ONLY on a first-come-first-serve basis from the following Phoenix Fire Stations: 
*Station 16 1414 E Mohave Rd.
*Station 26 3301 W. Rose Ln.
*Station 31 5730 E. Thunderbird Rd.
*Station 36 21602 N. Ninth Ave.
*Station 39 2276 W. Southern Ave.
*Station 40 3838 N. 83rd Ave.
*Station 43 4110 E. Chandler Blvd.
*Station 48 5230 W. Happy Valley Rd.
*Station 49 3750 E. Dynamite Blvd.
*Station 52 21650 N. Tatum Blvd.
*Station 57 1708 W. Dobbins Road  
There are a limited number of sand bags available. We recommend you bring your own just in case. Also bring a shovel or scoop to load the bags.

Mesa sandbags: 
Free sand and bags are available for Mesa residents at the following locations. Sand bags are constantly being replenished throughout the day. 
Please bring your own shovel. 
Fill the bags one-half to two-thirds full. The bag should lie fairly flat when filled. Overfilled bags are too firm and do not nestle into one another; tight bags make for a leaky sandbag wall. Tying bags is not necessary.  

*Fire Station 202, 830 S. Stapley Drive
*Fire Station 204, 1426 S. Extension
*Fire Station 205, 730 S. Greenfield
*Fire Station 209, 7035 E. Southern
*Fire Station 212, 2430 S. Ellsworth
Filled sandbags are available at the following Transportation Department locations:
*Transportation Building, 300 E. 6th St. (west side of building)  
*East Mesa Service Center, 6935 E. Decatur (front parking lot)
For more information about sandbag availability in Mesa call 480-644-2160.

Glendale sandbags:  
The City of Glendale provides sand and sandbags at the following locations. Citizens must bring their own shovel.
*67th Bethany @ Bonsall Park NE corner
*55th Orangewood behind old Fire station #1 near park
*59th Hearn NE corner of Fire Station 153
Apache Junction sand bags:
The city and fire district would provide sandbags. Citizens will need to bring necessary tools to fill their own bags and arrange own pickup and delivery. The sand bins and bags would be available around the clock at the following locations: 

*Fire Station 261, 1135 W. Superstition Blvd., Apache Junction
*Fire Station 262, 3955 W. Superstition Blvd., Apache Junction
*Fire Station 264, 7557 E. U.S. Highway 60, Gold Canyon

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