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Valley mom has $590 problem with RushCard

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(Source: KTVK) (Source: KTVK)
Heather Ayers still does not know exactly why her account was put on hold. (Source: KTVK) Heather Ayers still does not know exactly why her account was put on hold. (Source: KTVK)
(Source: KTVK) (Source: KTVK)

Heather Ayers knows how challenging it can be to raise a family. Between medical treatments for her kids and providing necessities, being a single mom can be expensive.

To pay for those expenses, Ayers has her employer deposit her payroll check directly onto a prepaid Visa card put out by RushCard, which is owned by Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons. 

In a RushCard commercial, the company proudly says, "Know where your money is all the time."  

Ayers says, she liked the idea of RushCard.

"I heard it was a good way to get your payroll deposited in your account," she said. "You get it two days early, and I never had any problems -- up until now."

What kind of problems? 

For unknown reasons, RushCard put Ayers' account on hold. As a result, Ayers was unable to access $590 in her RushCard account.

This went on, she said, for nearly two months. Unable to pay bills, Ayers said she started to fall behind. 

"I am so backed up trying to get caught up on bills," she said. "I still have to pay rent this month. I got a disconnect [notice] from APS, and I have to pay that."

Ayers says she tried everything to get RushCard to fix her account so she could access her money.

As requested, she sent them her identification and other documentation and RushCard eventually agreed to forward her the money through Western Union.

But that never happened.   

"They told me they would Western Union my money to me and gave me a confirmation number," Ayers said. "But they told me it was not a good transaction number."

Needing access to her $590, Ayers contacted 3 On Your Side.

It turns out that RushCard made headlines recently when hundreds of thousands of consumers just like Ayers lost access to their funds. Now the federal government is investigating.    

After 3 On Your Side's involvement, RushCard immediately took Ayer's account off hold, giving her much-needed access to her $590.
Ayers said she owes it all to 3 On Your Side and claims she won't be using RushCard in the future.   

"I stopped my direct deposit with them, and I no longer want to use them, not after what I went through," she said.

A RushCard spokesman said the problem Ayers experienced has nothing to do with the nationwide problem RushCard had. The company did not provide any further details.

3 On Your Side appreciates RushCard getting involved and resolving the issue as quickly as it did.

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