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Queen of Clean

Linda Cobb the Queen of clean teaches us how to clean with Bleach and Bleach Alternatives.

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Resolutions: Mike Lindstrom, Self-help Coach

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Be Real in the New Year!  Larry Winget, Author

Author, Larry Winget is giving tips to stop doing in 2016.

It' a New Year, So Stop:
-Stop Whining
-Stop Blaming 
-Stop Making Excuses
-Stop Spending More Than You've Got
-Stop Doing Things That Move You Farther From Your Goals
-Stop Watching So Much TV
-Stop Being Butt-Hurt By Everything
-Stop Being an Ass-Hat

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Juices to Combat cold

Healthy drinks with immune-boosters are a natural elixir to cure common cold symptoms like a scratchy/sore throat, sneezy, stuffy eyes, and watery eyes.

Phoenix-based Kaleidoscope Juice brings a fresh menu with organic cold-pressed juices, power "fuel" meals, wellness beverages and superfood snacks. Kaleidoscope Juice's healthy drink menu includes immune-boosters that help ward off sniffling and distasteful cough medicine for the whole family. These wellness elixirs and beverages (warm, cold or blended) are quick healthy boosts in a sippable form that include ingredients that households can commonly find in their pantry.

Tumeric: An anti-inflammatory powerhouse and cold-fighting ingredient found in Kaleidoscope's cold-pressed Tumeric Gold Milk which is made with raw almonds, cinnamon, vanilla, turmeric and stevia.

Ginger: Ginger root reduces nausea and body aches while having immune-boosting powers to help say goodbye to sneezing attacks. Kaleidoscope's organic cold-pressed Flu Shot is made with garlic, turmeric root, ginger, cayenne, lemon and green apple.

Green tea: Green tea expedites the body from ridding cold bugs. The juice and coffee bar at Kaleidoscope specializes in warm healing beverages like a green tea almond milk latte.

Almonds: Kaleidoscope Juice offers nut-based cold-pressed drinks like Strawberry Warrior Milk. Almonds have magnesium which is an anti-inflammatory, plays a role in keeping the immune system strong, helps strengthen muscles and bones, and supports dozens of other functions, from cardiac and brain function to enzyme activity. Almonds also have Vitamin E, like vitamin C, vitamin E supports T and B cell functions and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

Five Kaleidoscope Juice locations are available in the Valley (Downtown Scottsdale, North Scottsdale, Downtown Phoenix, The Madison in Arcadia, Optima Sonoran Village) visit one of the coffee and juice bars to pick up your cold, warm, or blended vitamin packed beverage to be flu and cold season free.

For more information visit their website: or call (480) 980-8677

New Year, new you juice detoxes and cleanses 

It's January and it's time to gear up for a healthier new year! Whether you need to reset, detox, or cleanse your body, health, and mind to remove those un-healthy holiday habits (leftover pie binging and cocktails). Kaleidoscope Juice has expert recommendations on how to refresh, re-energize, revitalize and help tackle the rest of your resolutions in 2016.
Juice cleansing is a strategy to get rid of toxins (goodbye holiday cocktails and cookies), just in time for January for a fresh start in the New Year
Consuming juice provides nutrients and 3 lbs. of produce per bottle
Physical benefits of juice detoxing include: more natural energy, detoxification, clear skin, improved health and immune function and weight shedding
Kaleidoscope Juice specializes in organic cold-pressed juices with a shelf life of three days for the most vitamins and health benefits
Kaleidoscope has different cleanses available to fit every lifestyle and schedule: Upgraded Cleanse, One-day Reboot, 2-7 Day Cleanse, and Juice 'Til Dinner Cleanse
Kaleidoscope Juice's cleanses start at $52 and are available for purchase seven days a week at any Kaleidoscope location.

To make a juice cleanse order, call 480.980.8677 or visit

Non-Diet Diet

Licensed Psychologist and Eating Disorder Expert,  Dr. Julie T. Anne' (pronounced Ahn-nay) has said what experts are now just saying, that "DIETS DON'T WORK!" Instead, a shift in mindset and strategy will result in long term, permanent weight loss, and a healthier eating behavior and perception of food and a more positive body image.  
Everyone starts out strong but by month six, most have given up and only 8% reach their goal weight and most gain it back within two years.  Bottom line, DIETS DON'T work!  Even Weight Watchers is dropping the word "diet."  

Dr. Julie T. Anne', licensed psychologist and eating disorder specialist for nearly 25 years has been teaching  the "NO DIET" approach with great success. 1.  Ask yourself: "Am I physically hungry?" 

2.  Pay attention to: "Why am I eating?"   

3.   Nourish your body, not your heart.

4.  Throw out the scale!  

5.  Stop thinking "exercise."   

Dr. Julie- tell us about a next session of your program that starts Jan. 18th  ("The Healthy Weigh Out" is an intense 8-week program my team offers where we help those suffering from disordered eating behaviors or emotional eating to resolve the root of why they eat the way they do.  We've had great success with our graduates who've continued to maintain their healthy weight and lifestyle!) 

For more information visit her websites:

Dr. Julie T. Anne' 
9825 N. 95th Street, Suite 101
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
(480) 941- 4247  

Motivation Monday SicFit

It's Motivation Monday! What better way to ring in the New Year than with a sweaty workout! We're at Sicfit hitting it hard with a fun, interactive and unique workout.

SICFIT Scottsdale is designed to enhance the lives of our students through educated coaching, nutritional counseling, challenges, seminars, level testing and community events. Our three levels of training and nutrition are the backbone of our exercise philosophy simply described as LIFE l FITNESS l SPORT. Our goals are to improve the quality of life, to become better than (yesterday) or to score the most points to win.

Faculty and coaches are trained in a variety of areas and have experience ranging from military, law enforcement, personal training, Olympic Weightlifting, yoga, nutrition, life coaching, volleyball, CrossFit, professional and collegiate sports, endurance, martial arts and gymnastics.

For more information visit:
14885 N 83rd Pl #103, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Phone :(480) 922-3253
Raintree & Northsight