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Woman wants to return Christmas items to Amazon

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(Source: KTVK/KPHO) (Source: KTVK/KPHO)
(Source: KTVK/KPHO) (Source: KTVK/KPHO)

It's called a hoverboard and it was one of the hottest gifts this season. At $400 they're kind of pricey, and although Jaime Snee didn't order one, a hoverboard showed up in a box at her house anyway.   

But, exactly where did it come from? Well, Amazon of all places. 

"I've been ordering off of Amazon for years," Snee said.   

She may be a fan of Amazon, but she said she certainly didn't order a hoverboard or other high-dollar gifts like Apple items, which were also delivered to her home.

So, who bought them? It turns out Snee's 11-year-old son found an old, unused credit card in a desk drawer, a card that had never even been activated by Snee. She said she simply put the card in a drawer and forgot about it. However, her son not only found the card but he used it. 

"He found it and decided to see if it would work, and he used it and it worked. He went on a shopping spree to the tune of almost $1,100," Snee told 3 On Your Side. 

iPhones and an  Apple watch were purchased. You name it, and Snee said her son bought it.  

"Did he ever wonder who was supposed to pay for these things?" Gary Harper asked Snee.  "Well, he wasn't thinking that far ahead," Snee replied.   

Here's the kicker. Snee said all she wanted to do was return the $1,100 worth of items back to Amazon to get her money back. However, every time she talked an Amazon representative, she got nowhere. 

"I told an Amazon rep the story and told her my 11-year-old son got a hold of my ex-husband's credit card and charged up all these items, and she laughed. She said, 'That is funny.'  And I'm like, 'No it's not funny, it's a nightmare. I have to figure out how to send this stuff back,'" Snee said.    

Snee said she'd been disconnected, put on hold or told someone at Amazon would call her back. No one ever did. Frustrated, Snee contacted 3 On Your Side. 

"I contacted you because I was hoping to get some help because I'm not getting help from Amazon," she said.    

3 On Your Side got a hold of Amazon, which delivered Snee some boxes and labels so she wouldn't have to pay to ship the items back. Amazon also removed $1,100 in charges from that credit card so Snee won't be financially responsible.   

Snee said she sure appreciates 3 On Your Side's help because she couldn't get her money back or get Amazon to listen to her. She had a long discussion with her son and said he'll never do something like this again. 

"Oh yeah, he got into a lot of trouble," Snee said.

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