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Dave Owens, The Garden Guy
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Camp Bow Wow, Peoria 

Camp Bow Wow, Peoria hosts "Pet Photos Santa Paws" - On Dec. 18th, Friday, 11-2pm - you can gather up your pets (dogs, cats, birds, lizards, just about any pet, call to confirm) to Camp Bow Wow Peoria for photos with "Santa Paw!"   Suggested donation is $15 and will go to Bow Wow Buddies Foundation. The Bow Wow Buddies Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing urgent medical care funds to dogs who are either homeless or whose parents cannot afford to pay their veterinary bills.

For more information visit:

Pet Pics with Santa Paws! 
Fri. Dec. 18  10 am to 2pm 
8550 N. 91st Ave Ste. 55, Peoria (between Olive & Northern) 

Dan Davis Highroads: Williams, AZ. Durango Colorado

If you have guests in town for the holidays and you're looking for something fun to do,.how about taking a little road trip. Dan Davis of Highroads shows us two of his favorite spots for the Holidays. Visit and cuddle up with deer at the Williams's Deer Farm. If you're venturing out a little further, he takes us on a horse-drawn sled in the town of Durango, Colorado.  

Deer Farms, Williams, AZ
For over 40 years, the Deer Farm has been enjoyed by animal lovers of all ages. Getting "hands on" close to such beautiful creatures is a rare opportunity. Only by raising them from babies allows for such intimate human contact. Our Gift Shop has so many "One of a Kind" gifts and souvenirs that it is a destination on it's own. The eclectic selection is simply amazing. From clothing, jewelry, home decor, gifts, toys and more, they express America, the West and Northern Arizona's past and present. Our prices can't be beat! Family owned allows us to lower prices for the same items you find in the Grand Canyon area

January 1st - March 15th - Daily 10 AM to 5 PM
March 16th - October 15th - Daily 9 AM to 6 PM
October 16th - December 31st - Daily 10 AM to 5 PM

Winter hours are weather permitting.
Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.
Christmas Eve Hours are 10 AM to 3 PM

Please call 928-635-4073 or e-mail for more information.

6769 E. Deer Farm Rd, Williams AZ, 86046

Durango Colorado
Once a frontier mining town, Durango draws thousands of tourists year-round for the myriad outdoor recreational activities and scenic beauty. Mountain bikers, rafters, kayakers, horseback riders, rock climbers, hikers, campers, hunters and fishermen are drawn to the two-million acre San Juan National Forest and to the San Juan mountains, the largest range in the Rockies. But the city's biggest tourist draw is a nine-hour historic train ride in a vintage steam locomotive. The Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, which hauled precious metals in the 1880s, now takes tourists for a 47-mile, open-air journey through mountains and forests and past abandoned mines to historic Silverton and back. Children and train buffs will relish the chance to climb into a locomotive and pore over railroad memorabilia at the railroad's museum. Skiers flock to the Durango Mountain Resort in winter, which also offers hiking, fishing, rafting and horseback riding in warmer months. Slow down your pace with a stroll past splendidly restored Victorian buildings in historic Downtown Durango and wind up a very active weekend in a local brewpub or saloon.

Jubilant & Christopher Performing in Fountain Hills and Scottsdale

In a rare and special holiday performance, Grammy nominated Baritone Jubilant Sykes and world renown Classical 
Guitarist Christopher Parkening are in town for a few days performing in Fountain Hills and in Scottsdale to benefit two local charities.  

They perform together with the John Beasley Trio tomorrow, Friday 18th from 7pm-9pm at the Community Center at Fountain Hills with all proceeds benefitting the Fountain Hills Crisis Response, a tragedy response network of Arizona. Tickets range from $25-$100. To purchase tickets, visit: Their 2nd performance is on Saturday Dec 19th from 1:30pm-3:30pm at the Scottsdale Princess with all proceeds benefiting the Harvest Compassion Center, a food and clothing pantry in Phoenix. 

Tickets range from $25-$100. To purchase tickets, visit:

National Regift Day

Dec 17th is also National Regift Day! It's one of the most-often asked it okay to regift? The answer.... 60% of people think it is okay! Regifting Day encourages you to save your unwanted presents and pass them off to your coworkers next year in a zen-like exchange of second-hand gifts.

Dave gives ten rules for regifiting.

You're trying to save money and pay down debt, and you have this unopened vase from last Christmas sitting around your house collecting dust, so is it okay to dust that box off, wrap it up, and give it away to someone else? Of course it is! But, wait a minute . . .Before you go and rewrap that unopened vase, make sure you pay attention to our 10 Rules of Christmas Regifting. 

1. The gift should make sense.
While regifting is a great way to save money and declutter, don't regift something for the sake of regifting it. In other words, it's doubtful your brother, who is allergic to grass and lives in a sixth-story apartment, has any interest in gardening shears.

2. Take off the nametag!
Hey Joe, when you decide to regift your Elf DVD to Holly, make sure you take the old nametag off the gift bag. Imagine the fun at your Christmas party when Holly opens up the gift bag that says: "To: Joe. From: Grandma."

3. Don't regift gifts from meaningful people.
Speaking of grandma, she can't get around much anymore, and she took the time to buy you that Elf DVD and a potted plant. She's so sweet, and you love her so much. Imagine the smile on her face when she visits your house to see that potted plant on your front porch. But maybe we're just too sentimental.
You need a plan for your money. FPU is that plan.

4. Don't regift meaningful gifts.
This should go without saying, but we're saying it anyway. Your mom gave you a nice set of china that has been passed down through your family. You don't host dinner parties and don't plan on buying a china cabinet. That's fine. But, for the love, don't regift that china unless you want your great grandmother to rise from her grave and haunt dinnertime for the rest of your life.  

5. Avoid regifting within the same circle of friends (aka "The Seinfeld Scenario").
This could get really embarrassing. Cindy gave Grace a new French press last year. Grace doesn't drink fancy coffee, so she regifted the French press to Janet this year. Later, Janet invites Grace and Cindy over for a morning brunch, and Cindy notices the French press in the kitchen. "That's just like the French press I gave you last Christmas, Grace!"

6. Beware of the regift that keeps on regiving.
Now we're getting into some crazy regifting inception sort of situation. You don't know where that gift has been, so you should always assume the gift you want to regift has already been regifted. That means, you're always only one regift away from giving back to the original giver. When we tell you to give back this Christmas, that's not exactly what we're talking about.

7. Give sooner rather than later.
You do realize that fruitcake, in theory, has an expiration date, right? But even if you're not regifting an edible gift, remember that styles change and versions get updated and "it" gifts become irrelevant. No one wants your unopened VHS copy of Flashdance.

8. Don't regift everything at once.
Look, if you're following these guidelines, regifting here and there is fine. But let's not pretend we're the Oprah Winfrey of regifting: "Rejected Christmas presents for everyone!" With that strategy, you're bound to regift and end up hurting someone's feelings. Plus, that's not functional or practical. . . . it's just plain cheap.

9. Rewrap the gift.
Rewrap everythingthe box, the gift paper, the packaging. You don't know what lurks deep inside that box. It could be a personal note to you or a second smaller gift that you totally missed. Be thorough.

10. Be honest.
Maybe you screwed up. Maybe you accidentally gave back the French press to Grace, who gave it to you. Or maybe you forgot to take the nametag off the gift bag. If you find yourself in that situation, own up to it. You might be embarrassed at first, but be honest about why you regifted the gift and move on. So, yes, it's totally fine to regift this Christmas. Just follow these 10 rules to have a merry regifting experience!

Goodwill can help you hunt for the perfect white elephant gifts for your holiday party, and showing you how to stay on budget, regift and recycle presents.  

For store location and information:

Get Your PHX and Phoenix Public Market present 6th Annual Phoestivus Market

Phoestivus at the Phoenix Public Market will be returning once again for two fun evenings of holiday cheer on Thursday, December 17, 2015 from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm at 721 N Central Avenue in Downtown Phoenix. The event is hosted by Get Your PHX and the Phoenix Public Market, a program of Community Food Connections. The title sponsor for Phoestivus 2015 is Melinda's Alley.

Shop local at Phoestivus this Holiday Season when selecting holiday gifts or preparing holiday meals! Attendees will have the opportunity to shop over 130 local vendors, showcasing a unique variety of locally grown, produced and prepared foods as well as hand-crafted gift items, jewelry and holiday decorations made by local artisans. 

Bring your friends and family to enjoy dinner from our vendors and food trucks. Make a toast to the holidays with beer, cider and cocktails from the Phoenix Public Market Café and the always-popular Phoestivus Ale from Phoenix Ale Brewery.     

The event will also feature the World's Largest Phoestivus Pole ("as far as we know"), Pheats of Strength, Airing of Grievances, Arizona Storytellers, vendor raffle, holiday entertainment, and much more. 
Proceeds from the event will benefit the Phoenix Public Market, a program of Community Food Connections, a 501c3 non-profit organization. 

Look for Phoestivus Ale at your favorite bars around town during the holiday season. Snap a photo, tag us at @phoestivus, and be entered to win our raffle! 

For more information on Phoestivus, visit or the event page on Facebook.

Thursday, December 17, 2015 from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm 
721 N Central Avenue 
Downtown Phoenix. 

Day of Generosity

Chris Jennings is a former NFL running back for the Cleveland Browns and NY Jets. His nonprofit Organization FNAO Movement (Failures Not An Option) is working with Montebello Elementary School in Phoenix this Holiday to provide a "Day of Generosity" for the kids.

For more information on FNAO movement visit:

If you would like to help , here is a list of items that the Montebello Elementry School needs.
Here is a list:
1. School Supplies
2. New Undergarments-Socks, Under Shirts, Bras, Swim Suits 
3. Uniform Pants (Khaki) Green or White Polos New/Used
4. Personal Hygiene products...(female products-Feminine Napkins) hair products (black) combs, brushes 
5. Deodorant, Tooth Paste, Tooth Brushes, Lotions, Soaps 
6. New/Gently Used-Jackets, Hoodies, long shirts, jeans, shorts 
7. New/Gently Used- Shoes, SHOES, SHOES...all sizes girls and boys 
8. Blankets, sheets, pillows, face/body towels 
9. Money (any checks, Money Orders, cash needs to be sent to the school paid to Montebello Elementary School)....This money will be used for the "Day of Generosity"  
10.Eye Glasses.... Any money donations will go towards a pair is glasses as well....
11.FOOD...non perishable....anything that can be used in a food box....

Montebello Elementary School
5725 N 27th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85017
(602) 336-2000
Bethany Home & 27th Ave. 
Principal-Nicole Durazo