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Gilbert woman frowning over dental bill she doesn't owe

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No one really enjoys having to go to the dentist. And you would probably enjoy it even less if you were stuck with a dental bill that you shouldn’t have to pay. That's what happened to one Valley woman.

That bill is for just under $200. And only does Patricia Ritter say she shouldn't have to pay it, but she insists the dentist owes her money.

Ritter has a passion for making and selling her porcelain artwork. She loves her art and has been able to use the hobby to help supplement her income.

But the one thing she doesn't want to spend her extra money on is a bill that she doesn't owe.

“I'm in collections, and they say I have to pay the money even though the money's been paid.”

Ritter is talking about the $196 dental bill she continues to receive from Bright Now Dental.

It's in regard to some routine dental work from last year. But according to Ritter, between what her insurance paid out and what she already paid, nothing more is owed.

In fact, Ritter says she actually overpaid. Still, she says Bright Now Dental keeps pursuing her for more money.

“But then I continued to receive bills from them for $196 which I didn't owe. Actually they owe me money because I overpaid my portion of it.”

Ritter says she's frustrated because someone from the Bright Now Dental keeps telling her it will be resolved, but it never happens.

“I gave her all the information I had and she said she would take care of it, then I would get another bill.”

3 On Your Side got ahold of Bright Now Dental, and after looking into the matter for us, they apologized.

They discovered that not only was the $196 bill a mistake but they realized they actually owed Ritter $144 because she overpaid. They then mailed her a check.

Ritter says she's thrilled the issue has been resolved and is glad she's been taken out of collections.

“I was really angry because my credit is really important to me,” she says.     

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