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Update: Plumbing contractor arrested

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Joseph Larned, 63 (Source: Arizona Registrar of Contractors) Joseph Larned, 63 (Source: Arizona Registrar of Contractors)
Joe Larned (Source: KTVK) Joe Larned (Source: KTVK)
(Source: KPHO/KTVK) (Source: KPHO/KTVK)
(Source: KPHO/KTVK) (Source: KPHO/KTVK)

Things have certainly changed for Joe the plumber. He has gone from a smiling cowboy to a grimacing inmate, and Chris Camboni predicted the outcome.

"I haven’t got the check yet, but yeah, but I’m happy things are going my way," Camboni said. 

In a previous 3 On Your Side report, Camboni explained how he hired Joe Larned, who at the time owned a company called Solutions Plus Plumbing. Because Larned indicated his business was licensed, Camboni said he felt comfortable hiring him to install plumbing in his under-construction Apache Junction home.

"The bid was $6,000. I gave him $3,000, and then when we were done with the under-the-slab stuff and he had plumbed the house, hooked up the shower, stuff like that, we came back and I gave him another $2,000," Camboni said. 

After shelling out $5,000, Camboni said he learned Larned wasn't licensed and was actually using the license number from an unrelated, legitimate plumbing business. Camboni felt duped, and the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, along with the Pinal County Attorney's Office, filed criminal charges.

Nothing ever came of those charges because, according to Camboni, Larned never showed up to court.

"He didn't show up for court. They sent him three letters. He didn't pay any attention to those. He just thought it would blow over, but it's not going to blow over because I’m not going to let it blow over," Camboni said. 

Because Larned blew off court, an arrest warrant was issued, and this is where things got interesting. 3 On Your Side got a hold of the Pinal County Sheriff's Office and told deputies about Larned. While we were doing that, Camboni actually printed up posters showing Larned's work trucks and indicating a warrant had been issued for his arrest. 

That's when a Pinal County deputy drove over to Larned's Apache Junction home, knocked on the door and arrested him. Camboni said he didn't give up pursing the issue and that he couldn't be happier. 

"I’m not going to give up [on] what's not right. I don't like it, and it’s not going to happen," he said. 

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