Ideas for creating holiday faux fireplaces

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(Source: Debbie Hernandez, Home Depot) (Source: Debbie Hernandez, Home Depot)
(Source: Debbie Hernandez, Home Depot) (Source: Debbie Hernandez, Home Depot)

There are many ways to create a fireplace look and feel, a place to hang your stockings, display some lighted garland and warm up, even if you don't currently have a fireplace.

Here's a few ideas and options:

  • Ready made Electric Fireplaces that are enclosed in a piece of furniture also have a heating function, some available in Home Depot, more at Home
  • Measure and order Ready Made Mantel Surrounds in many different styles and finishes from Foster Mantels.

Create your own Mantel Surround using:

  • Fluted Molding and Deco Base pieces for legs.
  • Flat 1x4 with appliqué or Victorian frame molding for cross piece.
  • Crown molding with pre-made corners or miter the corners.
  • 1x6 shelf a top to finish it off.
  • Use 2x2 blocks to hang.
  • Caulk all joints.
  • Paint or stain to desired finish.
  • Finish inside square with black paint or granite tiles, if not going around an existing fireplace.
  • Add Lighted Garland, stockings, etc.
  • Fir in front on the floor, place poinsettias, plants, LED Candles, etc.

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