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UPDATE: 3 On Your Side Most Wanted

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The goal of 3 On Your Side is to get your money back, but what happens when the people who ripped you off go into hiding and can't be found?

A lot of these guys talk a good game. Some of them even promise 3 On Your Side to return the money they took. But in the end, all they do is go underground, which means we're still looking for them.

Here's an update on a few of those contractors.

Gilberto Gordillo runs a company called Las Americas, which specializes in home sales and taxes.

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He was supposed to help Alba Hernandez and her family purchase their first home, a home they were actually renting at the time.

"That's kind of your dream, your dream, you know?" she said. "To buy your first home, at a young age especially."

To get the house, Gordillo asked Hernandez for money up front for a down payment.

Over the course of a year, Hernandez says she gave this so-called real estate pro a lot of money, but then she says Gordillo disappeared.

"I've given him $10,000, but I pretty much don't have anything anymore," Hernandez said. 

She said she never did purchase the house and remains out 10 grand.

3 On Your Side has looked high and low for Gordillo going to businesses and home addresses connected to his name, but he remains a ghost.

If you know where Gordillo is, let us know.

We're also still looking for another guy called Paul La Chance.

As we've told you in previous reports, several people say he ripped them off for large sums of money.

Sarah Trigg said she's one of La Chance's victims. She gave La Chance and his company, Murray and Sons Construction, $15,000 to do a backyard project. But after a few hours of work, La Chance disappeared with all her money.

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"He's a con man, he's a scammer, he's a fast talker," Trigg said.

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Nancy Patchak said she's also a La Chance victim. She said he took $23,000 from her, started her backyard project and then disappeared with her money.

And there are other victims, but La Chance remains in hiding. He certainly knows 3 On Your Side is looking for him, but he's dodged us for months now.

If you know Paul La Chance or where we can find him, let us know.

And, finally, there's Filiberto Ramos. He's been on 3 On Your Side's radar for a while.

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Jaime Janman said she handed over $4,400 to Ramos to do a backyard project on a new home she purchased.

"I had these decorative blocks on the top row and he was supposed to take them down and put solid block, kind of like the neighbor has right here, to match it," Janman said. "He did the demo work but never came back to do the actual work."

We even have home security video showing Ramos on one of the few times he actually showed up to Janman's house. Like the others, Ramos knows 3 On You Side is looking for him and we'd sure like to find him.

If you know anything about these contractors, let us know.

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