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Update: Homebuyer Horror

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A first-time home buyer who lost $6,100 in a bad real estate transaction was promised her money back.

When she didn't get her money back, she contacted 3 On Your Side.

And the guy she gave it to promised 3 On Your Side he would give it all back, he did.

"Mr. Fajardo just sent me a copy of the check then the refund of the deposit for my money." 

Dora Rupp can't believe it, she finally has her money. In a recent 3 On Your Side report we told you how Dora was looking to buy her first home and was using a lender called International Commercial Firm to help finance it.

The guy who runs that so-called lending company is Harold Fajardo Tadic, who also goes by just Harold Fajardo.  According to Dora he asked for money up front. "I had to pay $5,000 down in order for them to place an offer for the house that I selected."

Dora gave Harold Fajardo that $5,000 back in April and then Fajardo demanded more money.

"Harold Fajardo called me and asked me if I wanted to lower down my interest, I needed $1,000 more. Then he said since you went over, a little over on the house that you selected, you need to come up with $725, so I did that."

In all, the first time home buyer gave a total of $6,725 to Harold Fajardo. However, after she did, the sale on that home never went through because it was sold to another buyer. Dora was disappointed, but even more devastated when she says Fajardo failed to return her $6,725. Again, this has been going on now for more than 6 months.

Dora added; "All this has turned out like, like a nightmare."

3 On Your Side looked into the matter and discovered several lawsuits filed against Fajardo. As for his business, the International Commercial Firm, we went to the address that he listed but the company with that fancy name was nowhere to be found.

However after Fajardo found out 3 On Your Side wanted to talk to him about Dora and her money he mailed Dora a check for $6,725. It's money she says she wouldn't have received without 3 On Your Side's help.

"I thank you guys very much for helping me," she says. "I’m very satisfied, very pleased."

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