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Local Love: Sadie Jane Dance Wear

Sadie Jane wants every dancer to feel empowered.  We want you to find dancewear that is comfortable, unique and stylish, so that you can walk confidently in to class or onto the stage.  We not only have a large variety of the best brands, including our own label, but our website, blog and You Tube Channel serve as an amazing resource of industry professionals insight and opinions.  In addition each week we feature dancers in a fun workout challenge to encourage kids to get up and move! 

Next Sunday, November 7th from 10am-2pm we will be hosting an open house hosted by Just Dance Disney Party 2 where kids can come and try to beat Chris at his own game!  

For more information visit her website: 

Sadie Jane 
8560 E. Shea Blvd Ste 115
Scottsdale, AZ 85260 

Snakes & Hissing Cockroaches/ Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium

Come see the Snakes & Hissing Cockroaches and other exotic animals at Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium.

For more information

16501 W Northern Ave
Litchfield Park, AZ 85340
(623) 935-9453

Mindless Munching/Free webinar, "Candy to Cookies: Ditch Emotional Eating this Holiday Season and Beyond"

Please tell me that you KNOW you eat your feelings? You're over the fantasy that the perfect diet, killer workout and Pinterest-level meal planning will save your shape? Would you like to get a grip on your relationship with food before we are knee-deep in the holidays? I can see your Halloween candy wrappers already!

If you would like to feel in control of your food, body and emotions this holiday season, join me for my free webinar: Candy to Cookies: Ditch Emotional Eating This Holiday Season and Beyond! Here's what we'll cover:

        Create honesty and clarity around your relationship with food.
        Learn one habit that will stop your munching before it starts.
        Ditch your "Food = Reward" school of thought (stop earning TREATS all day!).
        Understand WHY you continue to eat your feelings and how you can finally stop.

To register go to 

Skin Problems/ A solution for every skin concern.

Retinol is a superhero skincare ingredient known for its antiaging benefits, but it's so much more than just that. PCA SKIN® has formulated Retinol Solutions that not only fight wrinkles, but treat specific skin concerns including discoloration and acne.

For more information visit: or 844-.PCA-CHAT [722-2428]

Walmart hiring more than 1,200 seasonal associates in Arizona for upcoming holiday season

Walmart today announced it will hire more than 1,200 seasonal associates in Arizona, who will be among 60,000 associates the retailer is adding for the busy holiday season. In addition to offering a chance to earn extra money during the holidays at one of the 124 stores in Arizona, starting salaries begin at $9 an hour and many applicants with retail experience have the opportunity to earn more. 

Anyone interested in seasonal work opportunities with Walmart may apply online at: