Police video shows NAU shooting response

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(Source: Flagstaff Police Department) (Source: Flagstaff Police Department)
(Source: Flagstaff Police Department) (Source: Flagstaff Police Department)
(Source: Flagstaff Police Department) (Source: Flagstaff Police Department)

Flagstaff police met confusion and chaos when they arrived on the campus of Northern Arizona University the night four students were shot and one of them died.

Police released about seven hours of body camera video and radio traffic from the early morning hours of Oct. 9. It provides the most complete look yet at how police, victims, witnesses and the suspect reacted.

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“Who had the gun? Get down on the ground. Where is he?" an officer asked on body camera video. 

Police flooded onto campus knowing there was an active shooter but had no idea who or where that person might be.

“This isn't us. This is the other guy," a witness said. 

“Who? Where's the other guy? Get on the ground. Get on the ground. Everybody on the ground," the officer replied. 

Police started handcuffing anyone who wasn't injured. Meanwhile, friends of the victims can be heard pleading for help.

"Can we hold his head up at least?“ a witness asked. 

“He's still breathing, OK,” an officer replied.

“He has a hole in his chest," a witness said. 

“We have everybody coming we can. We need as many medics as we can get," an officer said. 

“OK, that kid looks like he quit breathing," another officer said. 

“No, no, no,” a witness said. 

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Police would soon learn that four NAU students were shot. One of them, 20-year-old Colin Brough, died at the scene.

Meanwhile, police quickly found the weapon. The .40 caliber Glock handgun was on the ground near a tree. One officer cleared the rounds out of the weapon before evidence photographs could be taken, citing safety reasons with all the people still in and around the shooting scene.

Sometime during the mayhem, the suspect, Steven Jones, was arrested and apparently injured.

“He's lucid. He fell, hit his head and has a couple loose teeth," an officer said, referring to Jones. 

In the video, you only briefly see the person police called the suspect.

“I have the suspect in my patrol vehicle. He's in custody. He identified himself to me as the only shooter. We have the weapon. He ran away from the weapon upon my approach to him," an officer said.                                                             

That second-to-last statement about the suspect, Jones, being injured could be a key in the case. Currently, Jones is claiming self-defense. He pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and is being held on a $2 million bond. 

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