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Goodwill Haunting

It's crunch time if you haven't gotten your Halloween costumes yet. But there is still time to whip up something inexpensive and creative. To check out the latest finds in costumes for you and your kids visit their website at for store locations and tips on Halloween makeup.

University of Dating

Are you single and haven't found the "One." It may be that your making mistakes when it comes to dating. Dr.Lisa Vallejos: Coaching|counseling|consulting is  a "professor" of the university of dating, and she tells us the four biggest dating mistakes.

4 Biggest Mistakes
1. Playing games (don't play hard to get, BE hard to get)
2. Not managing expectations
3. False Façade (being something other than who you are)
4. Ignoring red flags

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Grand Prix Scottsdale

The Grand Prix of Scottsdale is an inaugural 1920s-era race that is prevailing the streets of Downtown Scottsdale for the first time in history. On Nov. 7, Downtown Scottsdale will transform into a cinematic Gatsby- influenced panorama as locals, corporate partners and tourists speed around the track in their handcrafted Vintage Mini Racers. 
Car aficionados and thrill-seekers from around the nation will have the opportunity to escape to perfect 75 degree weather and have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dress the part and participate in a 50- lap race driving a vintage replica produced by Vintage Kart Co, a manufacturing facility in Mesa.

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Grand Prix of Scottsdale

Dave Owens, The Garden Guy
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Youth Hiring Push

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz will be here in Phoenix on Friday,October 30th to help teens who are not working or going to school with the 100,000 Opportunities Initiative. He will be join by Mayor Greg Station for a youth job fair at the Phoenix Convention Center.

The job fair will offer as many as 1000 local jobs to teens. The job fair includes Starbucks,Fed Ex, Macy's,Target,Microsoft, Walgreen's,Chipotle, Norstroms and other National and local companies.

The job fair includes interviews, working on interview skills, create or improve your resume,resources to completing your high school education and explore colleges, getting help on your job applications and workshops to your career goals.

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PALETA Healthy Meal Deliver

In 2005, Executive Chef Kelly Boyer started PALETA in her kitchen by delivering clients healthy twists on haute cuisine with ingredients sourced from local farms, cruelty-free ranches, and responsible fisheries. A survivor of late stage terminal cancer, Chef Kelly has made it her mission to introduce the world to a healthier lifestyle. 

Today, PALETA has become a positive force from coast to coast. Home to Southern California's first certified green kitchen, PALETA provides designer meal services, CLEANSES, organic cold-PRESSED juices, and POWER UP healthy snacks throughout California, and select areas of Arizona (including Phoenix & Scottsdale) and Nevada, and ships the popular MIND & BODY CLEANSE, PRESSED Juice Detoxes, and POWER UP snacks nationwide.

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1-855-EAT-PALETA  (1-855-328-7253)