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BLOWN AWAY: Storm destroys home, homeowner says insurance won't pay

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Juan Ordonez says his home just isn't a home anymore, following a monsoon storm that rolled into the Valley back in August.

He says he'll never forget the day that storm hit. We will translate to English what Ordonez told 3 On Your Side in Spanish. 
"It was the day of the storm. I was here and getting in the shower and all of a sudden there was a lot of noise.  All of a sudden, right here is where the first big piece came down, just came crashing down. There was a table right there, and everything broke!"

Ordonez and his wife are recent first-time home buyers and can't believe one storm left their house in shambles.

"When my wife saw a big portion of the roof collapse she got scared and said 'let's get out of here; the whole house is going to fall down!'"

The couple, luckily, wasn't injured, and once they were able to survey the damage, they managed to call their insurance company, Liberty Mutual.

But once the insurance adjustor arrived, listen to what she told them.

“She said 'you know what, we're not going to pay anything. I spoke to my supervisor and he said this house already had this damage.'"

Ordonez says he was stunned.  They haven't even been in the house that long and Juan says his mortgage company never would have loaned him money for a house that looked like this.

They even had a home inspection when purchasing the house and it passed with flying colors.

“I'm not sure what the insurance is thinking. I don't know if they think I did this damage or what but I just don't understand why they aren't willing to pay cover this.”

As a result, Ordonez and his family are unable to live in their own home, and are essentially homeless and living out of a suitcase. They say they have no idea what to do now.

“For my family, this is something very devastating!”

3 On Your Side reviewed the family's paperwork and the letter denying their claim.

In it, Liberty Mutual writes that the house "... revealed extensive water damage prior to policy inception... wear and tear... and deterioration to your roof."

In other words, the insurance company claims the house had prior damage that eventually led to this.

But remember, Ordonez and his family just had a professional home inspection that revealed the home was in great shape.

So, 3 On Your Side got a hold of Liberty Mutual and they agreed to look into the matter for us by sending out another adjustor.

As of now, Ordonez, his family, and 3 On Your Side are all waiting to hear what Liberty Mutual has to say this time.

“I'm paying for insurance for something; they should pay for this damage. It was like a natural disaster. I didn't cause this!” 

Once Liberty Mutual reaches a decision, 3 On Your Side will let you know. 

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