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Home Depot Holds Hiring Event for New Call Center

The Home Depot is opening a new online contact center in Tempe this fall that will eventually bring more than 800 new jobs to the area. On Oct. 16-17, the company will hold its second local hiring event to find 115 dedicated, positive individuals who can provide customer service via phone, email and web-based chat.

Home Depot representatives will be on-site to conduct interviews for full- and part-time customer service representatives. The company offers a variety of benefits, competitive pay, a 401(k) program and an on-site fitness center. Candidates are encouraged to apply online at PRIOR to attending the hiring event. 

The 111,000-square-foot customer service center will provide online support for 1 million products offered on

Friday, Oct. 16 & Saturday, Oct. 17
8 a.m.- 4 p.m.        

Tempe Mission Palms
60 E. Fifth Street
Tempe, AZ 85281

Lord of the Gourd/ Ray Villafane

The Town of Carefree is hosting a world famous pumpkin carver, Valley resident Ray Villafane, at the town's Enchanted Pumpkin Garden event taking place October 16 - 31 at the Carefree Desert Gardens. Ray has been covered by nearly all major news media at his events around the world. This is a first ever Arizona event for him and is something the entire family of TV3 and CBS5 viewers would enjoy.

For more information Visit:

Carefree Desert Gardens
101 E. Easy Street
Carefree, AZ 85377

Arizona State Fair

The Arizona State Fair opens at noon today. The state fair will run Friday, Oct. 16th thru Sunday, Nov.18th.

For more information on hours,tickets and concerts visit:

Arizona State Fair Grounds 
1826 W McDowell Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Mcdowell & 19th Ave 

Tonka Trucks

If you liked Tonka Trunks as a kid yopu love the "real life" Tonka. The Ford Motor Company will bring the "real life" Tonka F 750 to the Children's Museum of Phoenix, on Friday, October 16, from 9 am to 2 pm. Museum guests and the general public are invited to stop by to climb in it and take pictures of the life-size truck built to resemble the popular children's TONKA brand of toy trucks. 

Anyone who stops by and donates canned food to benefit St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance will also receive $2 off admission into the Children's Museum of Phoenix. The cost of museum admission is normally $11 ($10 for seniors and children younger than 1 are free).

For more information visit:

Children's Museum Of Phoenix
215 N. 7th St.
Phoenix, Arizona 85034
Phone: 602.253.0501

Vertuccio Farms 17th Annual Fall Festival & Corn Maze

It's back, and bigger than ever! Come enjoy Vertuccio Farms Fall Festival
and Corn Maze, celebrating 17 years of family-friendly fun! Opening
Saturday, September 26th, 2015, this may be the best year yet! 

Come get lost in our 7 acre corn maze, bounce with your friends on our NEW giant jump pad,
race your friends in our pedal cars, slide down our giant tube slide, cruise
around the farm in our grain train, or take a leisurely stroll on a
mule-drawn wagon ride!

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to jump on a massive pillow
filled with air? This year's thrilling new attraction is our giant jump pad!
In addition to the ever popular air pillow, pumpkin patch, mini straw maze,
rubber duck races, and farm animals, the giant jump pad features over 200 sq
ft of bouncing fun. 

When you're finished, grab some freshly popped kettle corn, pizza, or
fair-food favorites, and head on over to our 1800's variety show! Plus,
discover where pizza comes from while touring Arizona's one and only Pizza

This year we are excited to announce our partnership with Johnjay and Rich's
Care for Kids Foundation to support their #LoveUp campaign, which is
reflected in our corn maze design. Proceeds from the Fall Festival will be
donated to their charity in support of children in need. 

Whether young or old, Vertuccio Farms has fun for all ages, field trips,
groups and parties. Come see the farm that is sure to bring a smile to
everyone's face, and visit for details and pricing.

Monday-Thursday 9am-9pm
Friday-Saturday 9am-10pm
Sunday 10am-6pm  

$9 per person. 2 yrs of age and under FREE. 
Free Parking
$1 off with non-perishable food donation for valley food bank

4011 S. Power Rd. 
Mesa, AZ 85212 
3 miles South of US 60 on Power Rd. between Elliot and Warner

Intuit the Road to Happiness and Success

Serial entrepreneur, CEO, and angel investor May McCarthy explains how to tap into your intuition and follow your instincts to achieve happiness, success and abundance- much like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Oprah, Einstein and hundreds more. 

Intuition is something that everyone has and can learn to rely on to achieve more of their goals and enjoy greater success and happiness.  I advise that every morning people take up to 30 minutes to do 3 simple things to enable intuition to show up in a more helpful and obvious way: 1) write down goals as though they've been realized, 2) read them out loud, and 3) imagine having achieved them. Intuition will then help guide people throughout the day to notice more possibilities to achieve their goals and realize more happiness. (Great brain research done at Cambridge University supports this.  Olympic and professional athletes and professional musicians do components of this daily practice as part of their regular training as well. Bill Gates, Oprah, Steve Jobs, and Albert Einstein all have stated that intuition is a tool for their success.)

May will teach a workshop on Saturday afternoon at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts College, Tempe, AZ Visit for more information.
Workshop: "The Path to Wealth"  (Part of the Spirit of Business Event)
When: Saturday, October 17, 2015, 1:00pm  4:00pm
Where: Southwest Institute of Healing Arts college, Tempe, AZ 
            1100 E. Apache Blvd, Tempe, AZ 85281


For More information on May McCarthy and her book "The Path to Wealth"
visit or call (888)-858-4651

53rd Annual Orchid Society of Arizona show & sale 

Sat. & Sun., Oct. 17 & 18, 2015 
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sat., Oct. 17  
9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sun., Oct. 18 

Arizona State Veterans Home, Liberty Hall 
4141 S. Herrera Way (formerly N. 3rd St.), Phoenix 
Admission is Free!  

Call (602) 451-5952 or visit

6 Steps for Growing Orchids in Arizona 

1)     Water: Plants should be checked on a regular schedule, usually on a weekly basis, and only watered when necessary. Orchids have individual pH preferences. Generally if you keep the pH in the mid range, they will do well. Water quality is important.  Water in our desert climate usually has an overabundance of calcium and other minerals that is very hard on the plants. Salts in the water can "burn" the roots, resulting in the slow decline and eventual death of the plant.
2)     Temperature: There are three temperature categories for orchids: Warm growing (60-65 degrees), intermediate growing (55-60 degrees) and cool growing (50-55 degrees) orchids. These temperatures are based on winter night temperatures.  Each orchid has its own temperature preference where they can grow optimally.
3)     Light: Orchids, for the most part, do not fare well in the harsh desert climate. The desert is much too harsh with the soaring temperatures and the intense sun to grow them outside. Orchids are grown indoors and should be displayed in an area of the house where there is good indirect light. Your choice of orchids will determine the amount of light you will need to provide your plants.
The most popular orchid here in Arizona is the Phalaenopsis and it has a low light requirement. An example of an orchid requiring moderate light would be a Dendrobium orchid. These require the higher light levels to re-bloom. The Cattleya is an orchid that requires a high level of light. To get a Cattleya to thrive and re-bloom, it must have a high level of indirect light for a large part of the day.
4)     Fertilizer: Orchids can be treated once a month with a balanced fertilizer you mix with water, with time-released fertilizer or you can fertilize every time you water your orchids. A non-orchid balanced fertilizer, such as Miracle Grow, can be used at a quarter strength as the label directs.  If using a fertilizer specifically formulated for orchids, follow the directions as written on the label.  These methods are a systemic method where the fertilizer is absorbed through the roots of the plant.  Foliar feeding is the method of providing fertilizer to the plant by spraying the leaves.  The fertilizer is absorbed through the leaves.  Foliar feeding does not eliminate the need to water the plant, and would be done in addition to the normal care of the orchid.
5)     Containers:  Plastic is not porous and therefore the moisture in the plant evaporates at a slower rate.  Ceramic (unglazed) provides more air within the growing medium because it is porous and the moisture will evaporate quicker, which means you will be watering more often.  Both of these types of containers will require drainage. Clear plastic containers allow the grower to observe the roots without removing the plant to determine if there are root problems developing. Mounting orchids is another way to grow them.  Mounting orchids is a fun way to display this family of plants.  Wood slabs, branches, rocks, cork…to name a few that can be used.  The drawback to caring for mounted orchids is that they need watering on a daily basis because there is little to hold moisture on the mount
6)     Pest Control: Orchids attract a variety of annoying bugs.  Mealy bugs and scale seem to be the biggest problem with bugs in the desert environment. Chemicals can solve most issues, or you can use eco-friendly harmless bugs that feed on the pesky harmful ones. And, an alternative trick is to use straight rubbing alcohol to eliminate the culprits. Treat these bugs repeatedly until all of the adults, adolescent and egg stages have been destroyed. Inspecting your plants for any problems should be done each time you water to stay ahead of any potential problem.

David Koechner, Actor & comedian

The funny David Kochner is in town this weekend.... he's probably best known for his potrayal of a sports reporter int the very funny Will Ferrell movie "Anchorman." David will be hosting the local Rocky Mountain TV Emmy's this year and he'll be performing at STand Up Live on Oct 15th and 16th.

For more information David Koechner performing at Standup live visit:

Standup Live
50 W. Jefferson St.
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Sleep Apnea

Since being retired from the NFL, Roy Green has shifted his focus to helping improve the health of current and former professional athletes through promoting sleep apnea awareness across the country. He has teamed up with dental icon, David Gergen, and a company called Pro Player Health Alliance to hold free public awareness events in local communities all over the nation. After joining the cause of Pro Player Health Alliance and using his extensive amount of connections to players, he has helped get over 150 former players successfully treated for sleep apnea. 

For more information visit:

Food Truck Friday/ Flippin' Rice

We check out the Flippin' Rice food truck. They are a food truck dedicated to providing gourmet Asian Street Fusion featuring their take on unique dishes found across Asia. 

For more information visit: