Elephant Armor System disinfects germy playgrounds safely

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(Source: GetElephantArmor.com) (Source: GetElephantArmor.com)

Cold and flu season is upon us, which means germs are everywhere - especially where kids like to play.

A Valley grandfather was so concerned about germy play areas that he came up with a safe system to take indoor playground equipment from danger zone to germ-free in just a few minutes.

With his seven grandchildren as his inspiration, it took Tom Luzader two years to perfect his Elephant Armor System.

Allison Twist, a mother of six, is certainly glad he put in all that time and effort.

She has peace of mind when she takes her kids to the Chick-fil-A at 16th Street and Camelback Road. The restaurant is one of 14 Valley establishments that use the Elephant Armor System on its indoor play areas.

So, what is Elephant Armor?

"It's a combination of pre-testing, application and post-testing to ensure that the PURE® Hard Surface disinfectant is being properly applied to playgrounds and that germs, viruses and bacteria are eradicated daily," according to the company's website.

According to Luzader, the PURE Hard Surface disinfectant, which is made by PURE Bioscience Inc., kills influenza and MRSA when applied properly every day, and it works in just a few minutes.

"The SDC in PURE Hard Surface kills bacteria and viruses 20 times faster than most leading disinfectants, and … it does all of this without harmful chemicals," reads the website.

The SDC is silver dihydrogen citrate. That's what kills the microorganisms, but it's harmless to humans. 

Explaining that the disinfectant is safe, even for direct contact, Luzader sprayed the product into his mouth. He said while it does not taste good, it's not toxic. 

Considering that kids inevitably put their hands in their mouths, that's a good thing.

The other component of the Elephant Armor system is the monitoring and certification

"The Elephant Armor Certification program inspects and monitors the cleanliness of the playground and ensures that only cleaning products that do not leave behind harmful chemicals are used. If the tests come back clean, the fast food restaurant earns the Elephant Armor Certification.

Elephant Armor checks the playgrounds it certifies four times a month to make sure its standards are consistently met.

Chick-fil-A franchise owner Phil Davis said he is happy to provide a safe place for his youngest customers to play. He would love to see other restaurants throughout the country follow his lead.

So, why did Luzader name his system Elephant Armor?

"Elephant mothers defend their babies fiercely and instinctively," he explained on the company website. "Elephants also have thick skin that serves as an armor protecting them from hazardous surroundings. 

"That’s the idea behind Elephant Armor. We can protect our human kids from danger just as vigorously as elephants. In this case, those dangers are nasty germs that make them sick."

Click here to find Elephant Armor certified locations.

To find out more about Elephant Armor, check out GetElephantArmor.com.

To purchase PURE Hard Surface for your home, check out PUREBio.com.

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