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3OYS helps recoup almost $16K during September

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Laura Greene is just one viewer 3 On Your Side helped in September.

She was remodeling her house, including having a new bedroom door installed.

Greene hired a company called United Glass to fabricate and put in that door and even paid them $925 up front, as requested.

But, Greene said after getting the money, she could never reach anyone at United Glass again.

"Sometimes it wouldn't even go to voice mail," she said. "It would be a recorded message through the phone carrier that said this person cannot be reached at this time."

3 On Your Side went to different addresses connected to United Glass to ask that they return the money.

As a result, someone with the company came to our studio, and as seen here on our security camera, he brought two money orders totaling $925.

It's money 3 On Your Side promptly returned to Greene.

"Well, I got good news for you here," I told Greene.  "I've got checks totaling $925.  What do you think about that?"

"Wow, this is awesome!" Greene said.  "If it weren't for you guys, man, you guys only took four days to get my money, and I've been trying two months," Greene said.

3 On Your Side also helped out Parul Patel.

She and her family wanted to replace their old window blinds with some nice wood shutters.

They hired a company called Sunset Shutters, which demanded nearly $2,400 up front to get the job started.

After taking that money, however, the guy who operates Sunset Shutters, Alvaro Ramirez,  fell off the map and disappeared.

3 On Your Side went to several different locations looking for him and we finally found him.

As a result, he told me he would return the $2,400, and the Patels said he did.  

"The guy gave us our money back, and we are so happy with that and thanks to 3 On Your Side they supported us," an ecstatic Patel said.  "I'm really happy with that and thanks a lot."

Mercedes Giron had a big problem on her hands.

As you can clearly see on surveillance video, a thief sneaked up alongside her truck at a car wash, jumped in and stole it.

Although her damaged and stripped truck was eventually recovered by police, she said the car wash and its insurance company were reluctant to process an insurance claim.

After 3 On Your Side got involved, the insurance company processed the claim and issued Giron a check for nearly $10,000. 

"It was only because of 3 On Your Side that my voice was heard."

It's definitely been a successful month, and when you add up all the money that 3 On Your Side helped recoup for September, it totals around $15,699.

And for the entire year we've helped recoup almost $77,977.

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