'The Walk' interview with Joseph Gordon Levitt

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Joseph Gordon Levitt plays Philippe Petit in a new movie called "The Walk." Petit is the man who pulled off what has become to be known as the "art crime of the century" in 1974. He strung a wire across the vast space between the twin towers of the World Trade Center and then walked across it.

The new film is directed by Robert Zemeckis who uses vast green screen technology to recreate the feat. Levitt tells Lisa Magee that he believes people are ready to see the towers in a more optimistic way now.

"Of course, whenever you see the two towers our minds will go to that tragedy," said Levitt. "But I also think with every tragic loss it's also good to remember the beautiful things, the positive images you have. It's like grieving for a lost loved one. You don't only focus on the death, you want to celebrate their life. I think that's what this movie does. It celebrates a beautiful story that happens between those two towers right when they were born."

For the movie, Levitt learned to walk the wire by the man, himself.

Philippe Petit insisted on teaching Levitt and the actor says Petit's confidence him in was the only reason he believed he could actually walk on a wire (even if it wasn't 1300 feet in the air). 

"The Walk" is now open in theaters including in 3D and 3D Imax.

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