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Phoenix man billed $805 for rental car damage

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Two weeks after returning a rental car, a Phoenix man said he received a bill for more than $800 for damage to the vehicle. (Source: 3TV) Two weeks after returning a rental car, a Phoenix man said he received a bill for more than $800 for damage to the vehicle. (Source: 3TV)
Advantage Rent-A-Car (Source: 3TV) Advantage Rent-A-Car (Source: 3TV)

When Mark Williamson leaves his apartment and goes to work every day, he drives his Honda Accord. It's been reliable, he said, but it has nearly 200,000 miles on it.

"My car is a little old now," he said. "I got it from my grandpa when he gave it to me.  It's a 2002."

Although he likes his Honda, he doesn't trust it on long trips. That's why he went to Advantage Rent-A-Car located at Sky Harbor Airport seven months ago.  He and some friends needed a car to drive to an out-of-town conference.

Williamson filled out some paperwork for Advantage and rented a 2013 Hyundai. 

"Yeah, they had us inspect it beforehand, and it looked fine, and I believe we signed for that," he said.

Williamson and his friends drove to the conference, and the car drove great. When he got back to Phoenix, he returned it to Advantage Rent a Car. He said he and an agent visually inspected the car.

But more than two weeks later, Williamson said he got a bill for $805 from a company that handles claims for Advantage Rent-A-Car.

Along with that bill, the company sent pictures showing that the car Williamson returned had severe front-end damage. The company said Williamson must have caused that damage.

Williamson, however, said the car was in good shape when he returned it and did not look like it did in the pictures.

"Well, I think it's unfair, and quite frankly, it makes me angry," he said. "I mean, how can they wait two weeks before telling me they have an issue?"

Williamson said the claims company has been emailing, calling and pestering him for seven months, trying to get him to pay or hand the matter over to his insurance company.

Instead, he contacted 3 On Your Side. We in turn contacted the president of Advantage Rent-A-Car.

After looking into the issue, Advantage Rent-A-Car decided to drop the issue and said out of "good customer service," Williamson will not have to pay the $805.

Williamson said he's ecstatic and believes the situation wouldn't have been resolved had 3 On Your Side not stepped in.
3 On Your Side really appreciates Advantage Rent-A-Car looking into the matter at our request and resolving the issue.

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