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UPDATE: Car wash vehicle theft victim finally gets paid

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(Spanish Translation) "I'm so happy right now!"

Mercedes Giron is breathing a huge sigh of relief these days.

You may recall, she's been under some serious stress for months all because of a simple trip to a Phoenix car wash.

"Somebody opened the door, entered the car and jump in and he left, she says.

That's right. Her car was actually stolen as it was in the car wash tunnel.

As the truck enters the tunnel, a crook sneaks up around the passenger side, climbs in and takes off.

Cops eventually recovered Giron's truck, but it had been stripped and vandalized.

And to make matters worse, Giron says the car wash was either slow or reluctant to turn the claim over to its insurance company.

“I feel like I have my hands tied. It's the car I need for work and it's just here parked. Unusable.”

At 3 On Your Side's urging, the car wash eventually submitted the claim for Giron's damaged truck to its insurance company Liberty Mutual.

But then, she says Liberty Mutual dragged its feet.  Giron s told 3 On Your Side in a previous report that she felt stuck.

"Honestly I feel angry because a lot of time has passed, 3 months, and I'm seeing the insurance company isn't really helping. They aren't cooperating with us."

After 3 On Your Side got involved, things started to move along a lot more quickly and we ended our last report stating that Liberty Mutual send a tow truck over to Giron home to transport her vehicle to a repair shop.

At that time Liberty Mutual said it would pay for all the repairs and was also paying for a rental car in the meantime.  Giron was glad things were finally getting done. 

But since that report, things have really turned up for Giron. She says Liberty Mutual finally ruled that her truck was a total loss and recently issued her a check for nearly $10,000, which she put into her bank account to help purchase another vehicle.

Giron said she couldn't be any happier, she tells us in Spanish. 

"Without your help, my voice wouldn't have been heard and that's why I'm so grateful to God first and then to you guys for helping me so much and for finally getting this situation resolved."

Giron says she's been through a lot but it took 3 On Your Side to make it all right.

"It was only because of channel 3 that my voice was heard."

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